‘1619: THE JOURNEY OF A PEOPLE, THE MUSICAL’ Juneteenth Performance

Courtesy of Ted Williams III

“1619: THE JOURNEY OF A PEOPLE, THE MUSICAL,” a Chicago strange melodramatic opening that traces 400 years given a initial deferential Africans arrived in America. They will be holding  JUNETEENTH 2022 PERFORMANCES AT THE VITTUM THEATER.

June 2022 — CHICAGO, IL – The Vittum Theater will horde a opening array of a museum production, 1619: The Journey of a People, The Musical. This prolongation uses several low-pitched forms including hip-hop, jazz, and blues to commemorate a onslaught for presence and equivalence and celebrates a stories and journeys of America’s African sons and daughters.


Performances will be held:

Friday, Jun 17, 2022 from 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. CDT
Saturday, Jun 18, 2022 from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. CDT
(HBCU Alumni, Family, and Friends Day!)
Sunday, Jun 19, 2022, from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. CDT


Vittum Theater — located during 1012 N Noble St, Chicago, IL 60642.

Courtesy of Ted Williams III


August 20, 2019, represents a 400th anniversary of a initial 20 serf Africans nearing in [Old] Point Comfort, Virginia. Three complicated characters lead assembly members on a tour by mixed opening pieces withdrawal viewers both desirous and challenged about a swell of America’s African sons and daughters. With an interest to all ages, 1619 facilities a energetic expel of singers, actors, dancers, and oral word artists, who simulate on a past while rebellious vicious contemporary amicable issues. It is a 2022 conversation!


Ted Williams III is a 1619 writer and combined a low-pitched opening during his training sabbatical plan during Kennedy-King College (KKC). Williams is Chairman of a Social Science Department and a Professor of Political Science during KKC, and he has taught during several area universities. He is a connoisseur of a University of Chicago and Rutgers University. Formerly, Williams hosted a WYCC-PBS radio program, The Professors. Williams is a rarely requested orator and actor and has seemed in inhabitant commercials for companies including Subway, Cheerios, and Empire Carpet. He recently seemed in Human Zoos, The Christmas Thief, and on Chicago P.D. Williams is a author of a prolongation TORN a Musical and of a book The Way Out: Christianity, Politics, and a Future of a African American Community. He is a former claimant for a Chicago City Council.

The CAST includes singers, actors, oral word artists, and dancers who simulate on a past while rebellious vicious contemporary issues of today.

WHAT a audiences have said…

“I was on a corner of my chair and my eyes filled with tears of joy. we am in astonishment of a pretentious opening we usually witnessed. This belongs on Broadway.” -Christine Houston, Creator of NBC’s strike sitcom “227”

“Thank we for your smashing opening and a event to benefaction such a absolute production, generally to a students. Our students were informed, cordial and culturally extended by this unusual new low-pitched about a African-American journey. we wish we continued success as we share this superb prolongation with others.” -Shelia Maye, Hampton University Music Department Chair

1619 written, constructed and destined by Ted Williams III is one of many absolute performances that we have seen that encapsulates a African American tour from a viewpoint of history, ideology, politics and enlightenment ethos, and does so in an interesting way. Unlike monolithic productions that tend to interest to usually one aim audience, a intergenerational peculiarity of this prolongation has something in it for everyone… If we wish to applaud a past and be challenged in a benefaction with a perspective toward a future, we contingency see this production. -Rev. Dr. Brian J. Wells, designated priest during Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church

MORE Accolades

1619 was nominated for a 2020 Aug Wilson Award for a Best Writing of a Musical by a Black Theater Alliance Awards, Inc. and was featured in Clarksville, TN’s initial Juneteenth Festival. Current and former funders embody a Illinois Arts Council, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Howard Brown Health, Neighborhood Access Grant, Department of Cultural Affairs and a Special Events City of Chicago, and Illinois Humanities Road Scholar.
1619 has been perceived with station ovations and eager accolades by audiences during Chicagoland college theaters, Hampton University in Hampton, VA, and venues via a country, including Clarksville, TN, and East St. Louis, IL. Early Bird and organisation tickets are accessible during 312-602-9642 and www.1619musical.com. Thank we for your support.

Images Courtesy of Ted Williams III – Used With Permission

‘1619: THE JOURNEY OF A PEOPLE, THE MUSICAL’ Juneteenth Performance combined by Ted Williams on Jun 6, 2022
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