Alderman Raymond Lopez Wants to Be a Leader Who Saves Chicago

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With his father Hugo by his side, Alderman Raymond Lopez (15th Ward) wants to be a personality who saves Chicago. On Apr 6, 2022, he announced he was throwing his shawl in to be Mayor of Chicago.

He was innate and lifted on a Southwest side of Chicago, nearby Garfield Ridge. Lopez went to propagandize during St. Camilla’s Grade School and after attended St. Lawrence High School. Afterward, he enrolled in a University of Illinois during Chicago (UIC) where he had dual majors (Teaching of English Literature and Political Science) and minored in Biochemistry.

Alderman Lopez left UIC around 1998-1999 to take “a pursuit in a Mayor’s Office of Special Events.” He worked there for 3 years as a Special Assistant to a Executive Director. “So we went with him and helped several departments within a bureau on all from area festivals, parades, [and] retard parties. As good as some of a bigger sheet equipment such as Taste of Chicago, Bluesfest, Gospelfest, and things of that nature,” settled a alderman.

Courtesy of TNS

Now he represents “the ancestral neighborhoods of Back of a Yards, Gage Park, Brent Park, and West Englewood.” He was initial inaugurated as alderman for a 15th Ward in 2015. In 2019, he was re-elected for a position.

Lopez motionless to run for mayor since he believes a city needs leadership.

“We are confronting some hazardous times here in a city of Chicago,” a alderman said. “We see that crime continues to be a series one emanate negatively impacting a residents, visitors, and people who work and call Chicago home each day.”

He continued on by saying, “From my knowledge as alderman, we have to have care that shows people how to work past these problems so that we can get by them together.” Lopez settled a stream administration has not shown these qualities.

The Chicago internal afterwards described some of a issues he witnessed portion his dear city.

“As alderman, some of a neighborhoods we represented were some of a many dangerous communities in a city of Chicago. For example, Back of a Yards customarily was in a Top 10 for being one of a many aroused neighborhoods since of a generational squad assault that persisted there for decades. However, since we refused to accept squad violence, and indeed any violence, as normal, we was means to not usually convene a village to step adult and direct improved though also to work with a internal military commanders to uncover them that we was committed to assisting and operative with them to base out those magnets of violence.”

Lopez believes, “That is something that we consider is replicable opposite a 77 communities in a city of Chicago. It is something we can move to a list to residence a many critical emanate confronting Chicago today. So that we can not usually revive reserve in a neighborhoods though afterwards start a external expansion of mercantile event not usually downtown though in a communities and assistance encourage a larger clarity of purpose and being for a city employees and initial responders.”

The series one emanate that Lopez wants to pursue as mayor is a reserve and confidence of a people in a city.

“I will take tenure for people’s reserve in a approach that no mayor has in utterly some time,” he said. “Too mostly domestic leaders exclude to get into a thick of it since they know perplexing to residence assault is not an easy domestic task. Often times it’s a rude task. And as it has been in my case, it can be a dangerous charge as my whole bureau and life all have been threatened, on countless occasions, by those really same squad bangers that I’m fighting against.”

“But someone needs to step up. we can be that someone since we have stepped adult and shown a trail in my Ward and some-more importantly that trail can be replicated via a city,” combined Lopez. To residence a assault in a streets of Chicago, care contingency be provided.

You can’t as a domestic leader, either it’s an alderman or as mayor, omit a assault that is function and impacting a lives of a trusting people in all of a neighborhoods.

Lopez took on a assault in a 15th Ward and feels he can take it on via a city of Chicago.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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