Antonio Conte creates SHOCK Alvaro Morata explain after Burnley win

Burnley were unvaried from a weekend, while Moses, Bakayoko, Emerson, Pedro and Rudiger were removed into a side, and Olivier Giroud got a deserved start after moving a quip win during Southampton on Saturday.

Following Olivier Giroud’s game-changing, and victor, opening from a dais opposite Southampton on Sunday, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte started a compare with Burnley in an rare way. we attempted to assistance him in a initial half and in a second half, he could have scored as well.

It’s been a tough time for Chelsea brazen Alvaro Morata, and it’s about to get a whole bucket worse than his unimaginable skip opposite Burnley atr Turf Moor.

“No, honestly”, Conte said.

“I’ve always looked during Southampton this deteriorate and suspicion they were a improved group than what a list shows, though they usually haven’t scored adequate goals”.

When Morata was replaced 15 mins later, his greeting on a dais suggested a actor not totally content.

“I hear that we are already in a final, though if we remember, and we do unequivocally well, that 5 days ago we were 2-0 down opposite Southampton and we played a disaster opposite them”, he said.

“He had a possibility to measure and if we measure we change a confidence”.

“For sure, offensively, we consider he contingency be some-more certain and try to have some-more one-v-ones, since he has these characteristics”.

Antonio Conte has praised wing-back Emerson Palmieri’s opening for Chelsea opposite Burnley and has hinted that he could start in a FA Cup semi-final on Sunday.

On personification with dual strikers some-more often, he added: “This is a unequivocally good option”.

“Our aim was to move some-more players into a box since infrequently when we have usually one striker we have problem to fill a box when we cross”. It could be an option. We astounded [Burnley] with dual strikers and they showed [their quality].

“We forced them to play these prolonged balls, though when they played them from their possess half of a pitch, it’s reduction unsafe”.


Morata missed a one-on-one – replays indicating goalkeeper Nick Pope might have overwhelmed a round far-reaching of a post – and was evidently rarely undone on his withdrawal, kicking out during a cave and throwing his boots and shinpads to a belligerent in disgust.

Chelsea Supporters Cannot Believe This Miss By Morata