Arrogance Is Ignorance, While Humility Is Intelligence: America Needs a True Leader

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Humans are flawed. No one is perfect. Hopefully, we all learn something any day and turn improved during it. Countries and people share this one fact: we contingency learn from a mistakes or we are unfailing to repeat them until we finally change a attitude.

What Makes a Great Leader?

  • Number one: passion. Great leaders are focused on goals and constantly hunt for ways to grasp those goals.
  • Second: comprehensive integrity. This is best summed adult with always doing a right thing regardless of a consequences.
  • Third: communicating with a masses. If a personality has followers, he or she contingency enthuse identical passion and faithfulness to doing a right thing given it is a usually option.
  • Loyalty is fourth, and it contingency be from both sides. Leaders can't design faithfulness if it is not reciprocal.
  • Fifth: a good personality contingency not waiver. Decisions contingency be made, even if they are not always a best choice. Changes can be made, though to do zero is to fail.
  • Sixth: anyone who accepts care contingency enthuse confidence. If a people who design superintendence and certainty destroy to see it in that particular they intend to follow, disaster is guaranteed.
  • Seventh on a list is critical. Great leaders share certainty in their supporters. Delegating and guileless others with critical tasks though doubt their ability creates a cohesive organization: any male or lady meaningful they are a profitable partial of a collective.
  • Lastly, series eight: Charisma is never clearly defined. It includes finish certainty and frank faith that in a predicament leaders will find solutions to solve problems in any situation. Faith though reservations.

Words Mean Nothing: Great Leaders Prove Their Worth by Example

Leaders sensitively season humility. They are wakeful that their abilities are a perfection of past successes and many importantly failures. Arrogance can't be partial of their certainty given this demonstrates debility and uncertainty. We learn as we grow.

No one has believe about everything. This is a transparent pointer of intelligence, meaningful that all humans need a assist of others with specific believe in specific areas. We learn from others, not from books. Sharing a accomplishments of others and with others is a constant and ideal instance of good genius and understanding.

I Feel a Desperation of all Americans: Where is Our Leader?

Why am we essay this? Because some-more than any other time in my life we know that a republic needs good leaders. we do not see in America currently any who are nationalistic enough, constant adequate to a nation’s people, to always do a right thing regardless of a consequences.

Only One Woman Had a Courage to Offer Up Her Career to Do a Right Thing

The usually chairman we have celebrated over decades who possesses these qualities is one of a final people we competence ever have considered. Her name is Liz Cheney.

Trump is a hypocrite to a nation, and not a singular Republican with anything to remove has displayed a bravery to pronounce a truth, with a difference of a daughter of a male we have despised for decades.

There are no constant leaders in possibly celebration in 2022. Standing adult and vocalization law to energy is self-existent in any politician sitting in a nation’s Capitol today.

My mother and we have both concluded that if Ms. Cheney were to find a presidency, she would accept a votes. America was founded and saved many times by group and women who desired their country’s people some-more than anything else. We need only one lady who fits this clarification to lead us upwards from a stream downward spiral.

The Disunited States of America

The United States of America is not united. If this one conditions does not change, if we can't find one personality to mount above a pretenders in Washington today, a dreams of a first fathers will turn zero though memories.

The Day Hope Died

Throughout my life, we have gifted 13 presidents. Only one hexed all a qualities of care required to combine and lead a republic of 331 million people. Sadly, he was murdered after portion reduction than 3 years.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was distant from perfect: he was human. However, he was a constant personality with intelligence, courage, and friendship to his nation not benefaction in today’s government. Trump’s failed, deceptive presidency unprotected this fact for all a universe to see. His celebration bent to his final and incited divided from a fact he was violating a Constitution any day while dividing a nation’s people to an impassioned not seen given a Civil War. Not a singular male or lady on a right side of a aisle had a bravery or adore of nation to mount adult to a misfortune male in a universe and quarrel for a people.

Where is a Nation’s Next Great Leader?

I continue to demeanour for a personality and find none. For a final 60 years, we have been examination and listening to dozens of group and women who do not merit to wear a pretension of President of a United States. we found one. President Barrack Obama is a good male though unhappy me on a few occasions that we deliberate critical to a nation’s future.

I am still looking, and contemptible that Ms. Cheney’s celebration will never have a bravery to commission a genuine Republican in 2024.

By James Turnage, Author of “The Holiday Killer”


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