Brent Jones Will Provide Robust Leadership as Nevada State Lt. Governor


Brent Jones is a clever Republican with legislative experience. Nevada needs strong care and Brent is a male who can make changes in a state as a Lt. Governor.

In further to holding bureau as a Nevada State Assemblyman (AD-35), 2014-2016, Jones is a business owners and family man. His expostulate to offer a people of a good state of Nevada can best be described as passion.

During his two-year reign in a Legislature, he served in 1 Regular and 2 Special sessions. He was a member of 3 committees: Health and Human Services, 2015; Judiciary, 2015; and Transportation, 2015.

As a owners of Real Water, Real MMA, and Real Chamber, Brent has first-hand trust of a outcome augmenting taxes, overburdensome regulations, and capricious manners Nevada imposes on businesses creates it formidable to conduct a business and compensate critical wages. It is time to finish a cycle of fatiguing and controlling tiny businesses into bankruptcy.

Nevadans need jobs that will means a healthy lifestyle. For that to occur companies need to be essential to yield these opportunities. Jones knows a people are since it is so critical to keep Nevada a pro-business state.

Brent is a unapproachable believer of President Donald J. Trump. Under Trump’s administration, fatiguing regulations have been almost reduced. As a result, a economy is flourishing, and practice is adult for a initial time in years.

Cutting taxes and shortening regulations are a height Jones spoke of when he initial ran for a Nevada Assembly since it works. He continues to trust beliefs and as a Lt. Governor he will pierce toward a healthy and successful business and family-oriented Nevada.

He believes that requesting a president’s proven formula in Nevada will boost business expansion and stability, thereby augmenting jobs. Not usually jobs though critical salary jobs.

Another critical area a state contingency work on is educating destiny generations. Brent fought tough for a finish of Common Core and strongly advocated for a control of a child’s preparation to be in a hands of a parents. He strongly advocated for propagandize choice and a successful doing of a ESA. These sojourn issues for Nevadans and Jones will continue to quarrel for an softened preparation and any other pro-school initiatives for a children of a state.

Finally, choosing firmness stays in need of improvement. Brent’s resolution is two-fold. First, exercise a process requiring all electorate to yield ID before casting a ballot. State ID is used for all from purchasing ethanol to drifting on a craft and logically should be used to infer a right to vote. Second, a state contingency change a policies surrounding arising state IDs to bootleg aliens.

When a usually people casting ballots are authorised residents of Nevada with current state-issued IDs a voting complement will be satisfactory and accurate.

Brent Jones is pro-business, pro-jobs, pro-integrity, and pro-family led education. As a Lt. Governor for Nevada, he will continue to quarrel for a citizens. He will work closely with a Governor and President Trump to lapse Nevada to greatness.

By Cathy Milne


Brent Jones for Lt. Governor

Image Courtesy of Brent Jones – Used with Permission

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