‘Bullying BBC put us by hell’, presenters claim

In a sardonic conflict on a corporation, reporters pronounced they were put by “hell” by being axed as staff and forced to set themselves adult as Personal Service Companies (PSCs).

The pierce left on-air staff but poignant protections from their employer – including ill pay.

“If we didn’t do it, we didn’t work – no choice,” Radio 4’s Money Box presenter Paul Lewis revealed.

He told a Commons enlightenment cabinet on Tuesday: ”This isn’t a story of well-paid presenters trade by companies to equivocate tax.

“This is a story of a BBC forcing hundreds of presenters to form companies and provide them as freelancers.”

Kirsty Lang, presenter of a humanities programme Front Row given 2004, pronounced “all my misfortune fears came true” when she was changed on to a new contract.

“Not prolonged after we went freelance, my stepdaughter died suddenly,” she said.

“I was incompetent to take anguish leave, in fact we went behind and did my initial uncover even before her wake since we had to get some income in.

“And afterwards dual years after that we was diagnosed with cancer.

“I had surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy. we worked a whole approach through.”

Ms Lang pronounced she took a month off after a diagnosis since she had “set income aside” and left to a financial confidant for help.

BBC presenter Kirsty Lang
Kirsty Lang pronounced she had to work before attending her stepdaughter’s funeral

BBC radio presenter Liz Kershaw also claimed colleagues has “gone by hell”.

“There are people who’ve scarcely died,” she said. “The ruin they’ve been by and nobody has listened to them.”

Ms Kershaw combined she worked for a BBC for 6 months but being paid “a penny” – since she refused to set adult a PCS for her income to be paid into.

She indicted her employer of creation a “disgusting” and “tactical” pierce by releasing a matter a night before responding to critique when they “realised what justification was entrance out”.

Liz Kershaw, BBC presenter
Liz Kershaw called a BBC’s response ‘tactical’

The proclamation was that a new eccentric brawl fortitude routine would be set up, that competence lead to a BBC profitable towards chronological bills that run adult to 6 figures.

Following a justification conference on Tueday, Labour MP and cabinet member Julie Elliott described a house as a “bullying employer, either by pattern or a outcome of bizarre government practices”.

The BBC pronounced in a matter that it had “always attempted to change a responsibilities to presenters with a shortcoming to spend a looseness price appropriately”.

It added: “The BBC is wakeful that there is a really high jump where open income is endangered and a whole purpose of a work is to surprise and advise, so we can't prejudge a outcome.

“The routine will usually cruise either a BBC should minister towards final for employer’s National Insurance Contributions, not final for other taxes that people are probable for.”