Christina Aguilera to Receive Equality Award From a HRC [Video]

The Human Rights Campaign (HRA) announced Christina Aguilera will be presented with a HRC Ally for Equality Award on Mar 30, 2019, in Los Angeles.

HRC President Chad Griffin settled Aguilera has been an LGBT idol who uses her luminary standing to share a summary of impulse and wish to those who are discriminated opposite since of who they are.

He continues observant by her strain and advocacy is creation a disproportion by bringing prominence to a LGBT community.

Aguilera has helped lift supports to assistance quarrel HIV/AIDS and has been an outspoken disciple for matrimony equivalence and anti-LGBT bullying.

In 2017, Billboard wrote Aguilera warranted a pretension of LGBT idol “for advocating for LGBTQ equivalence and illustration over a march of her career.”

The singer’s strain “Beautiful” expelled in 2002 was deliberate one of a many lenient anthems for a LGBT community.

In 2017 for Gay Pride, Aquilera wrote a minute to a LGBT village display her support. She wrote a LGBT village never had it easy. The struggles everybody faces on a daily basement and on a broader informative and domestic turn is unfathomable. Yet, notwithstanding a struggles, everybody keeps fighting and perseveres.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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