Danny Goldman, Actor and Casting Director, Died during Age 80

On Apr 12, 2020, actor/casting director, Danny Goldman died. He had suffered dual strokes around New Year’s day. Moss was not means to recover. During his final moments, family and friends encircled his bed.

Goldman’s Birth and Beginning Years

Goldman was innate in New York City, on Oct. 30, 1939. He had a purpose (Rio Rita) in Brendan Behan’s play, “The Hostage,” in Nov 1967, and he achieved during a Actors Theatre of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky). A month later, a play created by Max Frisch called, “The Firebugs,” was put into production. Goldman was means to be partial of this cast.

One of a initial shows he worked on was in a early 1970s on “The Good Life.” Growing celebrity for his behaving career shortly shown brightly. He had guest appearances on many renouned shows, “Columbo,” “Baretta,” and “The Partridge Family,” to name a few.

Other Things He Has Done

The 1970 TV show, “M*A*S*H,” helped make Goldman turn eminent around a universe as Captain Murrhardt. In a 1974 movie, “Young Frankenstein,” he played a sarcastic medical student. At a commencement of a movie, Moss asks a impression Gene Wilder plays a exercise of questions. This causes Wilder’s impression to turn dreaming causing him to poke a scalpel into his leg.

From 1981 to 1990, he was a voice of Brainy Smurf, for a cartoon, “The Smurfs.”

The final vital purpose he played was Detective Bob Zablonsky, in a CBS uncover “Criminal Minds.”

For 30 years he was a casting executive for commercials.

He is survived by his wife, niece Liz York, and several family members who are vital on a East Coast. Moss was 80 during a time of his death. May he rest in peace.

By Sheena Robertson


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