Facebook Is a Greatest American Enemy of a 21st Century

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A vital writer to a finish of a American dream is amicable media. The many popular, and many mortal is Facebook.

Many have deserted any value from a use of amicable media from a inception. It appeals to weak-minded Americans who are incompetent to consider for themselves or successfully promulgate with those they adore directly. Even some-more mortal is how it allows blatant lies and swindling theories to develop among a nation’s people.

The 2016 choosing is a ideal example. Misinformation on Facebook resulted in a reduce Democratic voter audience in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, giving Donald Trump a feat in a Electoral College. Russia won a election, and a American people mislaid all achieved over a prior 60+ years.

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Facebook continues to assist those who would emanate a nazi supervision in America. Mark Zuckerberg accepts and publishes paid ads that are blatant lies and divisive. Anti-vaxxers, those who repudiate a existence of vicious competition theory, and a refusal to repudiate worried groundless claims that there was large rascal in a 2020 choosing all minister to a expected finish of America.

In a really unfortunate situation, Zuckerberg overruled his possess editorial staff and authorised an anti-abortion ad claiming that “there is NEVER a medically required abortion!”

Americans accept many reasons daily that clear their refusal to be a partial of a insanity called “social media.” They reject a selected stupidity of millions of a nation’s people. The United States contingency be improved than that if a republic is to survive.

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Facebook Is a Greatest American Enemy of a 21st Century combined by James Turnage on Dec 18, 2021
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