Flags Went Up in Flames during White House for Independence Day

flagFlags went adult in abandon nearby a White House on Independence Day in a story of 3 futures. One was Donald Trump — not usually braying about a supposed mass of America though fetishizing a infantry hardware and infantry of this sovereignty that daily kills people all over this universe and job on people to pointer adult for a slaughter. A second was a Democrats—with no answer to a nazi militarism of Trump other than sparse caviling from a common horizon of support for empire. And a third was seen in a abandon of a blazing American flags in full perspective of a White House, underneath a aphorism “Imagine a World Without America.”

After a second dwindle went adult in flames, a protestors began marching in formation. Moments later, a military swarmed in on a marchers, and Gregory “Joey” Johnson was tackled and arrested, along with one of his comrades—arrested for sportive a right that he himself had fought for and won 30 years earlier, all a approach adult to a Supreme Court. The charges were piled on, and organizers are job for everybody to convene to Joey’s support. But a summary had been delivered—right there, in a heart of a sovereignty on a many “sacred” day, there was a force not usually peaceful to call out a crimes of America, though to poise a whole new destiny for all of humanity.

A absolute insubordinate summary was delivered in front of a White House on Independence Day. As Johnson put it:

“For a kids in cages on a southern border, for a kids being inebriated in Yemen, for a women whose right to termination is being taken away; for a people of a world, we burnt not one, though dual American flags.

After a flags went adult in flames, a Secret Service brutally arrested Joey and one other member of a Revolution Club and charged them with attack on military officers. Joey also faced a assign of antagonistic burning. The subsequent day Joey’s charges were reduced to dual depends of misconduct unfinished control and charges opposite a other insubordinate were dismissed. According to a protesters, “This whole box is deceptive and needs to be thrown out!”

The National Tour to Get Organized for an Actual Revolution had called a actions for Jul 4, that also took place on a limit with Mexico in San Ysidro, California, and elsewhere. According to Johnson:

When we see that dwindle burn, I’m not usually meditative of a children who are carnivorous and inebriated by a U.S. in Yemen, or a children who are ripped from their relatives along a U.S.-Mexico border… This is a workings of a complement that a U.S. dominates… built on a pillage of literally billions of people around a world.

Important as that is, Johnson and a RevComs were also station for most more. The movement was orderly around a quote from Bob Avakian, who has grown new communism that forges a highway for a emancipation of amiability and who leads a series in a U.S. Avakian has said:

If we can detect of a universe but America—without all America stands for and all it does in a world—then you’ve already taken good strides and begun to get during slightest a glance of a whole new world. If we can prognosticate a universe but any imperialism, exploitation, oppression—and a whole truth that rationalizes it—a universe but multiplication into classes or even opposite nations, and all a narrow-minded, selfish, antiquated ideas that defend this; if we can prognosticate all this, afterwards we have a basement for radical internationalism. And once we have lifted your sights to all this, how could we not feel compelled to take an active partial in a world-historic onslaught to comprehend it; because would we wish to reduce your sights to anything less?

These revolutionaries acted as a force unchanging with a universe they are fighting for and a series that they are organizing. They were “serious, disciplined, and daring in a face of nazi MAGA thugs who physically pounded them as good as a military army that launched deceptive attacks and arrests to forestall a revolutionaries from sportive this right.” But they did irradiate a White House with a abandon of a blazing flag, and a really subsequent day they were during a courthouse, fortifying Joey and a other demonstrator, perfectionist a charges be forsaken and indicating to a sour irony that, again, Johnson was being persecuted for sportive a really right guaranteed by a Supreme Court preference that bears his name: Texas v. Johnson.

The face-off of these 3 futures on Independence Day… along with a ongoing snub during a limit and a augmenting threats (and tangible aggression) being carried out worldwide… a near-daily news of new attacks on a simple rights and amiability of women and LGBTQ people, on Black and other “minority” nationalities, on a sourroundings itself… all these screams: We need Revolution —Nothing Less!

As crowds collected outward a White House available a start of Trump’s “Salute To America,” protesters, including Joey Johnson, burnt an American flag. Bystanders watched as a protestors burnt a “red, white blue broom that is stained with a blood of people opposite a nation.” On Friday afternoon, a scandalous dwindle burner and another insubordinate were expelled from executive lock-up in Washington DC.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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