Formula One: Lewis Hamilton wins French Grand Prix

The Ferrari motorist collided with a Briton’s Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas during a start of Sunday’s French Grand Prix, an blunder that handed a championship lead to contingent competition hero Hamilton.

PARIS, France, Jun 24- Lewis Hamilton voiced his service and astonishment after claiming stick position for Sunday’s French GP.

When Verstappen, competition hero Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes and third place finisher Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari were asked in a post-race press discussion about a astringency of a chastisement that was released to Vettel for causing a collision with Bottas, Verstappen could usually fun about it.

Vettel’s fifth place means that he loses a lead of a championship that he regained during a final competition in Canada, and now trails Hamilton by 14 points as a teams conduct to Austria.

Bottas had to restart during a behind of a container with Vettel, who competition officials gave a five-second chastisement for causing a collision.

Vettel had enjoyed a improved start and ran on Hamilton’s tail towards a initial corner, though Bottas came behind down a outward and was forward into a braking section before a contact.

Another X-Factor for Mercedes is Valtteri Bottas carrying his possibility to deflect Ferrari and Red Bulls following a engine updates.

He added: “I wish when we get to Austria that a reporters ask him if he will change his proceed since that is what l listened for so many races”.

“In a finish there wasn’t that most that we could have finished different”, Vettel said.

Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull was fourth and is third in a standings with 96 points, followed by Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes with 92, Raikkonen with 83 and Verstappen 68. He was underneath vigour from Max as distant as we saw as well.

Hamilton was over a tenth of a second faster than his group partner Valtteri Bottas, and scarcely 4 tenths forward of pretension opposition Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel charged on a restart on path 6 and changed quickly by a pack, creation it to 12th by a finish of path seven. “I went for a outward and we consider we braked utterly a bit after and left adequate room for him to be inside still”, Bottas said.

Ricciardo, hero of dual races this deteriorate and still mulling his destiny options, was third fastest for Red Bull in a initial event in 1:32.527.

It was a delayed stop, during 8.7 seconds, and forsaken him to ninth only as Vettel pitted again, holding his chastisement before he rejoined fifth for a final charge.


“Overall, it was a good event and now we need to lift on this opening by a weekend”. Vettel’s teammate Kimi Raikkonen dull out a lectern in third. But we have a competition with Ferrari.

Lewis lays down early pen in hunt for Vettel