Ghoulish Goodies Satisfies Your Darkest Cravings


Ghoulish GoodiesGhoulish Goodies is a code new association started by former dance song artist, remixer, promoter, and tag owners Nivek Tek.

The association facilities fear poser boxes. Ghoulish Goodies also can customize a poser box for any occasion.

 Tell Us About Your Music Background

Believe it or not, we have utterly an endless low-pitched background. we have spent many of my life in a song business. we started really immature as a DJ for kids and adult parties. we eventually graduated to singer, songwriter, producer, remixer and afterwards song promoter.

I ran a song video promotions association Import Sound Vision with my business partner Frederic Oudoul, that after would be condensed to ISV Entertainment when we also became a record label. We were ISV Promotions for a song promotions side and ISV Entertainment for a record tag side. We worked with many celebrities. artists and song labels over a years.

In 2017, we usually had had adequate of a song industry. we had spent some-more than half of my life doing it. we felt that a song attention was not usually in a outrageous decrease and retrogression though that it had mislaid a essence and we had sole cave to a industry. Enough was enough, so in 2017, after resurrecting my tag ISV entertainment, from a 5 or 6 year interregnum and finishing adult a projects we started and doing a few new ones, we felt that we could travel divided from a song attention meaningful that we did not owe anything to anyone, left anyone unresolved and I’d tied adult all lax ends.

Although law be told, for about a year, we felt totally out of sorts, dull and but purpose or direction. Do we bewail my preference to travel divided from a song biz after dedicating many of my life to it? No, we don’t bewail a singular thing.

How Did You Get The Idea For Ghoulish Goodies

How Did You Get The Name For Ghoulish Goodies

Tell Us About Your Interest In Horror

Who Are Your Favorite Horror Characters/Movies

What Is The Concept For Ghoulish Goodies

Tell Us About Your Commission Boxes

How Did You Come Up With A Concept For A Mystery Box

What Has Been The Reactions To Your Mystery Box

What Do You Hope The Future Will Bring

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