Governor Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been indicted of passionate nuisance by his former aide, Lindsey Boylan. According to a minute comment expelled by  Boylan on Feb. 24, 2021, Cuomo allegedly kissed her but consent.

She serve accounted that he asked her to play frame poker. According to her Medium post, Cuomo kissed her opposite her will in his Manhattan office.

Boylan is now using for Manhattan precinct president. She formerly worked for Cuomo and a state’s mercantile growth agency.

This passionate nuisance claim comes only days after Cuomo has been indicted of covering adult nursing home deaths in New York. Assembly Member Ron Kim has indicted a administrator of melancholy to “destroy” him after Kim criticized Cuomo over a nursing home debacle.

In her post, she settled that a administrator ” has combined a enlightenment within his administration where passionate nuisance and bullying is so pervasive” that it has been approaching and condoned. She serve indicted that his “behavior toward women” meant that he favourite we and “that we contingency be doing something right.”

He used danger to overpower his critics. And if we dared to pronounce up, we would face consequences.

CuomoBoylan settled that a purported lick took place after she had a one-on-one lecture about New York’s mercantile and infrastructure projects. She pronounced that as she got adult to leave his office, “he stepped in front of me and kissed me on a lips.”

Shocked by what he had only done, Boylan only left his office. As she upheld another staffer’s table she became endangered that someone “had seen a kiss.” She was ashamed that people would start to assume that she got her “high-ranking position” since Cuomo had a “‘crush’ on me.”

The former staffer initial indicted a administrator of New York of passionate nuisance behind in Dec 2020. However, on Feb. 24, 20201, she went into fact for a initial time. Previously, Governor Cuomo denied her allegations. His bureau expelled a matter denying Boylan’s allegations several hours after she expelled her minute statement.

Written by Sheena Robertson


Politico: Former help charges Cuomo kissed, intimately tormented her; by Erin Durkin

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