Haynesville Correctional Inmates Testing Positive for COVID-19 Blame Staff


Staff during Haynesville Correctional Center is swelling COVID-19. Even yet a staff works tough to put on a coming of following CDC protocols, inmates exam certain for a virus.

The center’s staff members travel around improperly wearing their masks on their necks while essay charges for inmates not wearing their masks. Inmate Nicholas Hammond reports:

Treatment Officer C. Veney was seen with 3 Inmates in her bureau with her facade on her chin though only before to a meeting, Veney was handing out charges to inmates doing a same.

Hayneville released dual masks to any invalid during a commencement of a pandemic. The establishment was ostensible to purify one facade while a invalid wears a other. Not one facade has been spotless given Apr 2020, explains invalid Jeff Lee.

“When Inmates go to a dining gymnasium to eat, a staff will close as many as 30 inmates in a 6-foot-by-10-foot vestibule, where there is a pointer requiring 6 f00t amicable distancing,” reports Tony Dane, an invalid and Inmate Advisor during Haynesville. He also says that announcements are done several times a day for imperative sanitation, though nobody indeed does a work.

Inmates are customarily frisked though cause. The staff member wears gloves to strengthen themselves from a delivery of a pathogen though does not change a gloves between inmates. The staff does not caring if they broadcast a pathogen to other inmates as prolonged as they are protected.

“Due to a establishment being short-staffed, staff members will go from Red and Yellow quarantine zones to Green Zones, that are COVID free. This is what causes a widespread of a pathogen to a whole compound,” Dane states.

Correctional officers told Dane they were endangered for their reserve since they have been systematic to violate protocols. Staff members have quit out of fear of throwing a virus, Dane observed.

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