Helicopter Crashes in Philadelphia Suburb

Courtesy of Chad Horwedel (Flickr CC0)

A medical helicopter crashed down into a residential Philadelphia suburban area in a afternoon hours of Jan. 11, 2022. Thankfully all passengers including an tot survived a terrifying event.

Around 1 p.m. CT rescue crews dashed to a pile-up that happened during an intersection located in Upper Darby’s Drexel Hill community. The helicopter landed circuitously a church.

Upon nearing on a scene, puncture medical group members pulled a pilot, dual organisation members, and an tot studious from a deformed aircraft. Upper Darby Police Superintendent Timothy M. Berhardt announced a news during a press conference.

Courtesy of Alex Lewis (Flickr CC0)

Miraculously, nothing of a victims postulated life-threatening injuries. Bernhardt combined that he was looking brazen to jolt a pilot’s hand. It was extraordinary a commander navigated a aircraft in such a demeanour that no one was fatally harmed and minimal repairs occurred.

The tot was taken to a hospital, however, according to Bernhardt a child’s family had not been told before to a press conference. The helicopter moody originated out of a state of Pennsylvania.

Videos and images from a pile-up uncover a shop-worn aircraft on a side underneath powerlines outward of a church. On a side of a aircraft is a medical insignia.

Bernhardt indicated a whole stage was “a miracle, it’s an comprehensive miracle, here what we see behind me.”

A male doing upkeep on a circuitously building witnessed a crash. Jarrell Saunders, 28 years old, settled a helicopter seemed to “just floating, like genuine low, like intensely low, like it could land on a building that we work at.”

Saunders was streamer to a hardware store during a time of a accident. The aircraft was streamer in a same instruction Saunders was going to a store. The immature male settled that a helicopter crashed onto a center of a highway before skidding opposite a belligerent until it crushed into a church.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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