HIV Positive Teacher Hired Hitman to Kill 7-Year-Old He Allegedly Molested

HIVA clergyman who tested HIV certain from St. Louis who has been indicted of molesting a 7-year-old tyro and is available a trial, had another assign combined his sentence. He has now been charged with employing a hitman to murder his purported victim.

In 2015, 36-year-old Deonte Taylor, a teacher’s assistance during Lusher Elementary School was indicted of exposing himself to a tyro who was 7-years-old. He afterwards extrinsic his penis into a mouth of a student.

At a time, no charges were filed opposite him, and he was employed elsewhere. Three years after a incident, his box was reopened, and in Nov 2018, military arrested him. Taylor’s DNA was a compare to DNA from a former student.

When a HIV certain clergyman was arrested, he was employed for a Ferguson-Florissant School District. When a district was questioned about how they vetted their teachers, a orator for a Ferguson-Florrisant School District, Kevin Hampton said: “Before he was hired, Taylor’s rapist credentials was checked and there was a check to see if he was purebred as a sex offender. He passed, and zero showed adult out of a ordinary.”

While HIV certain Taylor was in jail available his trial, military contend Taylor and his boyfriend, Michael Johnson, 66 years old, attempted to sinecure a hitman to murder a family and a child he allegedly intimately assaulted.

It was also discovered, that a HIV certain clergyman continued to accept his salary. When Hampton was questioned because this was available to happen, he said: “Everybody is entitled to due process. Taylor was no different, and he had a event when a charges were filed. When a second set of charges were filed, it became transparent he would not be returning to his position and was fired.”

Taylor had a charges of swindling to dedicate murder (due to his HIV status), and declare tampering combined to a 3 charges of first-degree sodomy he had already been charged with.

Both Taylor and Johnson have pled not guilty.

A GoFundMe Page Has been set adult to assistance a plant and has lifted $4,109 of $15,000 goal. The HIV standing of a plant has not been released.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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