Holly Marie Combs Clarifies Her Comments on ‘Charmed’ Reboot


Since The CW announced that they were formulation on doing a reboot of a strike array Charmed, there has been some recoil and row on amicable media, as many fans disturbed that a network would hurt a uncover that they all love. One of a people who has been rather outspoken about their thoughts on a reboot is Holly Marie Combs, who starred in a strange array as Piper Halliwell. Whether on amicable media or vocalization to a media, Combs has been unequivocally transparent about her thoughts per a Charmed reboot.

In a array of posts on Twitter, a singer has done a array of comments about a reboot, and a approach she feels about a network relocating brazen with new actresses. Plus, in a new interview, Holly Marie Combs also common her thoughts, observant that she believes reboots “do improved when they listen to a still ardent fan bottom that is what it’s all about.” In a box of Charmed, Combs pronounced that she unequivocally hopes a fans get what it is they wish out of a new series.

However, while Holly Marie Combs attempted to explain a approach she felt about a reboot, it seems that in one news from Yahoo News, some of her thoughts were not common or taken totally out of context, that left people feeling as if she was opposite a new series. As Deadline reports, in a new chatter posted to her amicable media, a singer simplified how she feels by posting a screenshot of a content between herself and a contributor for a Huffington Post.

In a screenshot posted to Twitter, Combs could be seen observant that she really appreciates a opportunities for work that a Charmed reboot provides, nonetheless she still does not understand, “what is fierce, funny, or feminist in formulating a uncover that fundamentally says a strange actresses are too aged to do a pursuit they did 12 years ago.”

Beyond her apparent feelings that a network does not seem to conclude a strange actresses who were a partial of a strange Charmed, Holly Marie Combs also pronounced that her wish is that a reboot, “is distant improved than a selling so a loyal bequest does remain.” Clearly, a singer is anticipating a uncover does well, even if she is not happy with a network’s decisions per a lapse of Charmed.

Although Holly Marie Combs has simplified her thoughts on a new Charmed reboot, it stays to be seen if a network is means to live adult to a strange show. With fans already weighing in on a trailer that was expelled by The CW during their Upfront display on May 17, it sounds like many fans are already separate over a instruction that a reboot seems to be holding with a storyline and these 3 new sisters.

For now fans will have to wait and see how a array unfolds when a Charmed reboot premieres this fall. While a extended trailer might not have won everybody over yet, there is still a possibility that a initial part of a new uncover will be means to do what a selling has not.

Written by Kimberley Spinney


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