How Google Keeps Track of Users Search History

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Many people are endangered about remoteness hacks. If Privacy is a priority, there are dual categorical ways to forestall Google from tracking a browser’s hunt history.

First, record out and undo a cookies from a browser to forestall it from storing a hunt story on a servers. However, a routine of deletion is difficult since of a approach it marks a hunt history. But, people can select to mislay certain services, such as Google Maps. There is a undo choice from a browser.

It is easy to entrance a hunt story by visiting a activity page. The websites and products everybody has visited will be listed here, including a download story and posts read.

Google Track Everyone’s Search History

Another approach this hunt engine is tracking is a plcae by regulating a applicable site a user visits and a products they sell. The information is never deleted once it is shared. It is critical to note that Google does not assign for this data.

Always transparent a browser, logins, and cookies to strengthen from Google’s forward ways.

Since Google runs many ads on a internet and in apps, it can lane everyone’s hunt history, including YouTube. Understanding what Google does and how people can opt-out of it is essential.

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While this information collection is recorded, it can be deleted and kept private. People can always ask their patron support to stop displaying information like: 

  • Credit label numbers
  • Bank comment numbers
  • Government IDs or Social Security numbers
  • Signatures
  • ID documents
  • Physical residence or email addresses
  • Login details.

Individuals can ask a company’s patron support to mislay this information by following these steps:

  • Go to a Search Removal page
  • Have all a required information before clicking a dismissal ask button.
  • Follow a on-screen instructions.

Google will examination a ask and send a acknowledgment email either a ask has been authorized or denied.

Search Is a Goldmine of Data.

Take note that Google uses hunt story to build a personalized, minute form about a users.

Always transparent a hunt activity and History.

  • Click a Privacy personalization to be destined to a Data and Privacy page.
  • Clear a YouTube History and Web App Activity, and adjust a settings.
  • Set adult an Auto-delete underline for destiny activity.

Do not forget Chrome.

Always transparent a Chrome History browsing information when regulating Chrome as a default browser.

Google Is Not a Only Company Tracking

Remember,  any browser, app, or website could also collect information including some cars that can follow a phone carrier’s GPS location.

Written by Janet Grace Ortigas
Edited by Sheena Robertson

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Inset Image Courtesy of Rafael Rigues’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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