Irving, Kyrie Due to an Anti-Semitic Movie, Nike Has Cut Off

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Irving situation

Following the ongoing issue over US basketball star Kyrie Irving posting a link to an anti-Jewish movie, Nike has terminated its partnership with him and canceled the release of his branded shoes.

Hours later, Irving apologized late on Thursday for a social media post he had made the week before that included a link to the 2018 movie Hebrews to “Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” which had been roundly criticized for having a number of anti-Jewish stereotypes.

The apologies, however, did not prevent Nike from severing ties with Irving. immediately sever our partnership with Kyrie Irving and stop marketing the Kyrie 8.”(Incomplete sentence and missing another quotation mark)

The statement read, “We are profoundly sorry and dismayed by the situation and its impact on everyone.”

Since 2014, the NBA player has had a signature collection with Nike. According to a number of media publications, the shoe agreement is for $11 million.

According to to’s go at the end of the sentence), his Nets contract is worth $36.9 million this season after he made about $195 million in his previous 11 seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and the Nets.

He would be sidelined for a minimum of five games until he takes a number of undefined “remedial steps,” according to the Nets.

After the Nets’ home loss to Indiana last Saturday, Irving obstinately defended his choice since he tweeted the now-deleted link last week. After their two games this week, the team then encouraged him not to talk to the media in an effort to appease the fans.


Irving’s attitude remained the same throughout his absence. The film “contained some false anti-Semitic statements, narratives, and language that were untrue and offensive to the Jewish Race/Religion,” he added, and he apologized to those “hurt from the remarks made in the documentary that was hateful. He added that he accepted full accountability for his choice to share the information with his followers.

Courtesy of Erik Drost(Flickr CC0)

Irving Apologize

Irving’s attitude remained the same throughout his absence. In response to Kyrie Irving’s social media tweets about an anti-Semitic book and movie, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant said it is an “unfortunate scenario” that “just sucks all around for everybody and maybe we can move over it.”

After failing to formally apologize for the damage his posts caused late last week during a news conference, Irving was suspended by the Nets on Thursday for “no less than five contests Later, on Thursday night, Irving posted an Instagram apology.

After the Friday shootaround, Durant said, “I ain’t here to judge nobody or put down on nobody for how they feel, their view, or whatever.” “Simply put, I didn’t enjoy anything that occurred. I believe that was all superfluous. I believed that as a group, we might have simply continued playing basketball and been silent. Simply put, I don’t like any of it.”(when we use long quotes by the same person we don’t use quotations to separate what they said when they are back to back. We use quotation marks at the beginning and end)

Irving Teammates

“I don’t condone hate speech or antisemitism”,(punctuations go inside quotation marks.) Durant tweeted in an effort to clarify his remarks.LeBron James, a former teammate of Irving’s, was questioned about why the league’s players, who are renowned for their social conscience, had remained largely silent on the subject.

James said Friday night that he couldn’t speak for all 450 players before providing his own evaluation.

“I don’t support any form of hatred, he declared. To all races. African-American, Asian-American, and Jewish communities. You guys are aware of my position”. (punctuations go inside quotation marks. You need them after the comma before the he declared and after the period.)

James referenced the recent decision by his media business Uninterrupted to not air an episode of his YouTube show “The Shop” that featured Ye, the performer formerly known as Kanye West, as a guest due to those similar ideals.

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