Jimmy Fallon Joins List of Celebrities Catching Omicron Variant

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On Monday, Jimmy Fallon suggested in an Instagram post that he tested certain for COVID-19. The 47-year-old Tonight Show horde perceived his certain formula usually before Christmas, even yet he says he is entirely vaccinated. Fallon felt advantageous adequate to usually have amiable symptoms interjection to a vaccination and upholder shot.

On his Instagram post, he wrote:

Thank we to a doctors and nurses who work so tough around a time to get everybody vaxxed. Thank we to NBC for holding a contrast protocols so severely and doing a good job.

In standard Fallon fashion, he also joked about a Gary Coleman-inspired “‘What ‘chu talkin’ about Willis?’ room that he was “isolated” in when he got a news.

One of Many

Courtesy of NBCUniversal (Used With Permission)

As a Omnicron various continues to surge, Fallon has turn one of a handful of celebrities that have reported contrast positive. One of a many important late-night speak uncover hosts, Seth Meyers, usually happens to also be on this list. He told Twitter on Tuesday that all of his “Late Night with Seth Meyer” shows have been canceled until subsequent week.

The bad news is, we tested certain for COVID (thanks, 2022!) a good news is, we feel excellent (thanks vaccines and booster!) We are canceling a rest of a shows this week, so balance in subsequent Monday to see what cold plcae we will try and pass off as a studio!!!

Meyers expelled this information usually 24 hours after Fallon’s Instagram notice.

Some other celebrities that have engaged a pathogen recently embody Hugh Jackman, Lupita Nyong’o, Whoopi Goldberg, and Billie Eilish. News outlets trust this boost in luminary cases usually reflects a state of a nation’s rising Omnicron rates. The daily count of new COVID-19 cases in a United States reached a record high of 1,082,549 on Monday, according to John Hopkins University.

Different Experiences

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Fallon’s knowledge with a pathogen was, appears to be a brief memory in time. One fan asked about new uncover appearances and guest in his Instagram comments. He commented behind with, “The certain came behind on 12/18. Back during work currently and feeling 100%!”

Other celebrities, like Billie Eilish, felt differently about their COVID-19 encounter. The cocktail star told “The Howard Stern Show” final month that she engaged a pathogen in August, and that her health suffered severely for a subsequent dual months. “I wish it to be transparent that it is since of a vaccine I’m fine,” she told a radio host, adding that she “would have died” if she hadn’t gotten it.

Written by Ogechi Onyewuchi
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