KANN MAX Personal Media Player for More Discerning Ears

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The iPod is Officially Dead. Last Oct noted 20 years of a iPod, a device that incited Apple into a $3 Trillion Company, a good cutthroat, always an iterating universe of consumer electronics. But, for those with improved perceptive ears who decrease to suffer song regulating their smartphones, KANN MAX is a personal media actor we get for $1,300.

iPod’s Debut

Apple invented a whole new difficulty in song players, and a iPod debuted on Oct 23, 2001.

The iPhone arrived in 2007, and Apple ditched a click circle for a touchscreen though kept that iconic submit device alive by a iPod Classic, and a iPod Touch drew on a iPhone’s hold shade design. That really same year, Apple announced it had sole one hundred million devices.

The iPod impacted some-more than usually a song industry. It brought millions of users to song a approach Apple did.

Courtesy of Ged Carroll (Flickr CCO)

KANN MAX Major Update

KANN MAX is a poignant refurbish to KANN ALPHA’s high-resolution audio player, identical to a iPod Touch though loads some glorious audio components inside. It has 3 opposite headphone jacks, supports Bluetooth, and supports a aptX HD and LDAC codecs.

With 13 hours of battery life, KANN MAX is lighter and smaller though has a energy outlay from 12Vrms to 15Vrms KANN MAX to work with higher-end headphones though requiring a extra amplifier. The iPods’ headphone jacks constructed around 2-3 volts for comparison purposes.

KANN MAX has 64GB of storage that is a lot given that a iPod usually had 5GB. And this device is concordant with high-resolution digital audio files adult to 32-bit/768kHz quality. By regulating a microSD, people can enhance a storage adult to 1TB.

The many considerable refurbish for a KANN MAX is a digital-to-analog converters, any earmarked to one of MAX’s 4 loudness channels for listeners who wish depth, picturesque sound outlay voiced though distortion. Probably a contrariety between KANN MAX and a iPod is a energy of pumping song to a song lover’s ears.

Written by Janet Grace Ortigas
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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Inset Image Courtesy of Ged Carroll’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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