Kathie Lee Gifford Says She Doesn’t Judge Friends Bill Cosby And Harvey Weinstein

When allegations initial flush opposite Cosby in 2014, Gifford certified she had a tough time entrance to terms with a news.

“He is kind, he is able of good kindness, he’s able of good generosity,” she pronounced on a “Today” uncover during a time. “I, along with so many Americans and people worldwide, don’t wish these stories to be true.”

She afterwards removed being on debate with a comedian in a 1970s; she pronounced he attempted to strike on her though that she incited him down. 

“But I’m not observant that a women are liars,” she said. “From my possess personal experience, it didn’t happen. A lot of married group come on to singular women, though once we said, ‘No, positively not,’ he reputable it.” 

Just a few months ago, Gifford faced widespread critique for her response to NBC banishment her former co-host, Matt Lauer, amid passionate bungle allegations.

“I texted him this morning and we said, ‘I venerate you,’” she said. “No one is ideal in this world. We need now is redemption and forgiveness for one another.”