Kristina Rihanoff Banned To Dance With Married Men

Lately a dancing partner of Kristina Rihanoff has warranted all a bad reputation.

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing explain her partners are married group and those might finish their relations with their life partners or girlfriends.

Kristina Rihanoff Banned To Dance With Married Men

It is reported a Russian beauty has been criminialized from dancing with married group on a BBC1 uncover for a fears that they might tumble for her.

Tomorrow is Kristina’s 37th birthday.

Sunday People writes she has come to know that in destiny her partners will be singular men.

The announcement also cites a source observant a dancer was done wakeful of a married partners herself and it is not blamed she has been trustworthy to anyone.

The source said, “Most of a relations that have damaged down after contestants seemed on Strictly Come Dancing clearly had problems before a uncover began… But there is no jealous a fact Kristina is a really appealing lady who has been during a centre of attribute breakdowns.”

Earlier she was related to Strictly co-stars Joe Calzaghe and Vincent Simone. After assembly Kristina both are reported to have finished their relations with their girlfriends.

Earlier this week her final year’s dancing partner Ben Cohen finished his 11-year matrimony to mom Abby after ancillary her gift eventuality in London.

Simultaneously Abby’s mom Felicity Blayney-Bassouls too showed her annoy Ben after a design suggested his arm was around a dancer on a London Underground train.