Los Angeles Ambulances Reports No Transport for Dying COVID-19 Patients

Los Angeles

People all over a universe have been battling a COVID-19 pathogen for over a year. According to a Jan. 5, 2021, news from CNN Los Angeles Ambulance crews have been told not to move COVID-19 patients — who will not tarry — to a hospital.

The infection rate has soared in Los Angeles County — roughly one in 5 residents exam certain for COVID-19.  In Nov 2020 they reported 400,000 COVID-19 cases. By Jan. 2, 2021, these numbers have climbed to over 800,000.

These numbers have impressed hospitals and complete caring units — to a indicate where they have no some-more room for patients. In Los Angeles County alone there are over 7,600 people who have been hospitalized due to a virus.

According to officials, during slightest 21 percent of those people are receiving diagnosis in complete care. Due to a miss of sanatorium beds, ambulance crews have been educated to repudiate ride to people who will not tarry a virus.

Los AngelesPeople who are deemed healthy adequate to tarry COVID-19 have to wait for hours for a bed to turn available. Supervisor Hilda Solis called a conditions a “human disaster.”

According to a Los Angeles County Director of Public Health, Barbara Ferrer, one chairman dies from a pathogen each 15 minutes. That series is a bit worrisome for many folks. Especially if a trend continues via all of a United States.

Due to a holiday celebrations that only occurred, health officials are now observant these numbers are going to turn higher. Ferrer agrees with this belief:

 We’re expected to knowledge a misfortune conditions in Jan that we’ve faced a whole pandemic.

She serve settled that a conditions is “hard to imagine.” Now that a numbers have surged a Los Angeles Emergency Medical Services Agency had to approach a crews not to ride those failing from COVID-19.

Before a pestilence struck, Los Angeles County had no issues transporting anyone to a hospital. Now to preserve sanatorium beds and oxygen, Los Angeles County ambulances crews have to repudiate failing patients rides to a hospital.

Written by Sheena Robertson


CNN: Amid a harmful Covid-19 surge, Los Angeles County ambulance crews told not to ride patients with small possibility of survival

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