Mail Theft-Related Crimes on a Rise

Mail Theft
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Chicago Heights Police are questioning a forgery occurrence involving 85-year-old Don Tornow. After promulgation a $10 check to tip a smoothness person, it was altered to $9,500 and cashed dual months later. He believes he is a plant of mail burglary given a checks sent to compensate his H2O and gas bills were not cashed.

The Chicago Heights Police helped him get his income returned to his bank account. Tornow was confused during how a $10 check could be altered into an volume approximating $10,000. He wonders if a mail was stolen from a mailbox itself.

Earlier this year, U.S. postal inspectors launched an review into probable mail burglary during a New Lenox post office. Initial reports of burglary subsequently left dual of a mailboxes taped to be cumulative from any serve use. 

Kelvin Dortch Jr. in Park Ridge was charged with sovereign mail theft. When sovereign investigators were means to track him, after anticipating he had placed a tracking device into a bin of mail. Despite not being an employee, Dorch had entrance to an “arrow’ key” that was used to benefit entrance to a Park Ridge mailboxes.

According to a postal service, these keys concede all carriers near-universal entrance to collection boxes, cluster boxes, and unit mail panels. However, a postal service’s government of a keys was deficient as a series of arrow keys in dissemination is unknown.

Mail Theft
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Almost half of 1,000 complaints were regarded as mail burglary after an investigation, according to USPS Inspector General Reports to Congress in 2021. Mail was also found in a trash, with scenes of mail blazing on a griddle being also reported on a south side of Chicago, according to ABC News.

Blue mailbox desolation has also been reported in Villa Park, Lombard, New Lenox, Lincolnwood, Wilmette, and Winnetka. In addition, from 2018 to 2021, there has been a arise in mail stored by carriers from 80 reports in 2018, rising to 261 in 2021.

Signs in 2022 are looking to surpass before numbers from final year. For example, inhabitant reports of mail burglary were over 299,000 between Mar 2020 and Feb 2021, that reflects an boost of a sum of 184,500 complaints or a 161% arise when compared to a same duration final year. The causes of these crimes, such as mail theft, are speculated to many expected branch from a COVID-19, a volume of expansion of USPS parcels, and checks associated to pestilence bureaucratic aid.

President of a National Association of Letter Carriers said, “We will continue to work with Postal Service member and a Postal Inspection Service to take any stairs required to forestall crimes from being committed opposite minute carriers and urge their reserve on a job.”

Written by Skye Leon
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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