Man United stars trust ‘Jose Mourinho bullies Luke Shaw’

Jose Mourinho has reportedly hold a assembly with Ed Woodward as a twin try to designer Manchester United’s summer send skeleton – with adult to 10 stars sloping to leave.

It had been a unpleasant integrate of days.

Manager Jose Mourinho’s indignant 12-minute digression on Friday contained small critique of his players though he was reduction forgiving after this display.

At Old Trafford, however, with a Manchester bar so distant behind their city rivals in a league, an FA Cup delight would be a usually tonic to an underwhelming season. We have to urge each year and we know that a lot of players, a lot of good players, will come in subsequent summer.

Really? Because given afterwards he has finished all probable to censure them for a mess.

Not once during a past week has Mourinho certified to his possess failings.

Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic admits a bar needs to be competing for a biggest prizes.

“You have a child [McTominay] that didn’t play good during all”.

Swansea never got going on a frozen afternoon in south Wales and can now combine on perplexing to safety their Premier League status. Either way, conjunction could protest about being on a dais formed on form.

Guardian football author Stuart James combined he felt Shaw had turn a victim for Mourinho, though that a fallout of a manager’s comments would have a larger outcome than exclusively on a defender.

Among other things, he questioned their impression and bravery.

“So we am not happy with a opening during all. we couldn’t change them both, we motionless Luke since Antonio was during slightest able defensively”, Mourinho pronounced post-match.

“When he took Luke Shaw off during half-time, that’s when a alarm bells started to ring”, he said.

According to a BBC report, Shaw is “upset” and “furious” with Mourinho’s latest criticism.

It seems that no matter what Shaw does, his manager will find emanate with it.

Luke Shaw still usually 22, I’d take him during Everton in a heartbeat.

Numerous outlets on Monday morning move us news of Shaw’s future, that scarcely positively lies divided from Old Trafford.


For many years, good football has stable Wenger from a pouch when formula weren’t going his approach which, in part, led to Mourinho describing him as a “specialist in failure”. “We are Manchester United”, Lukaku said.

Man United stars trust 'Jose Mourinho bullies Luke Shaw'