‘Messi Beats You Before You Play Against Him!’

“Players like Messi come along once each 50 years”, Conte pronounced after a game.

“It was a anticipation actor who has pushed Barcelona by to a subsequent round. we done some good saves too though we go out with surrender 4 goals from 4 mistakes”.

“They gave everything. We have to continue this in this way, with this will to fight, with this enterprise to play together”.

Ousmane Dembele, who arrived during a commencement of a deteriorate underneath high expectations as Neymar’s replacement, is finally starting to uncover his worth, apropos an critical square for a Messi-led Barcelona attack.

“Now we have this probability to strech for another time a semi-final”. Messi started a pierce and finished it, with Dembele, Luis Suarez and a deflection off Alonso, assisting him find a space to glow by a legs of Thibaut Courtois for a fastest idea of his career. Since then, his work underneath a goalposts saw a Blues carrying adequate certainty to pierce mythological screw Petr Cech to rivals Arsenal as Courtois became an constituent square to a squad. There were spells during a Camp Nou on Wednesday when Messi seemed to be personification within himself.

“We are still a immature group with a prolonged approach to go and we need to benefit knowledge to be rival all a approach in a Champions League”.

On a other hand, Roma executive of football Monchi minced no difference when he pronounced that his side had got a many tough pull possible.

Four years ago in Brazil, he was named Player of a Tournament though in a final, opposite Germany, he flashed far-reaching of a distant post with usually Manuel Neuer to kick and a measure goalless in a second half.

It stays to be seen if there will ever be a time when dual unusual talents like Messi and Ronaldo play in a same era, and their conflict for leverage has been no some-more apparent than in a Champions League.

“He is not worried about being on a median line and a stroke of a game, he wants to be on a blade corner of a game”.

“He did good in a diversion removing brazen though if we notice he had a lot to worry with Andres Iniesta and Messi always flapping to his position”.

“He’s concerned in a stroke of a diversion constantly”. Liverpool, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Roma, Real Madrid or Sevilla are a 7 intensity opponents they could face.


But there is usually one Messi.

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