Messi breaks Clasico record in stirring draw

Real trainer Zinedine Zidane will be some-more endangered over Ronaldo, whom he withdrew during a interlude after nutritious a knock.

“The sending-off of Sergi Roberto harm us and we know him – we doubt he was going to harm [Marcelo]”, Valverde explained.

Ronaldo seemed to means a hit to his ankle as he bundled home a 14th-minute equaliser for Real during a Camp Nou.

Ronaldo’s injury, joined with Barcelona avoiding better notwithstanding personification half a competition with 10 men, meant it was a Catalans who left a some-more satisfied. Neither group was peaceful to give an in. and a stakes were only as high as honour and honour is only as critical as winning trophies for both clubs.

Philippe Coutinho was not gentle on a right-hand side.

Afterwards conjunction side was means to measure a hero as Barcelona staid for a pull in a diversion injured by controversies in front of roughly 97,000 throng as they continued their dominant campaign.

“I can’t contend how prolonged he’ll be out for”.

The patrol hasn’t mislaid in La Liga this season. Yet, this new and startling conflict between Barca and Real suggested some essential deficiencies on both sides.

Real Madrid was incompetent to launch countless counterattacks given they frequency got a round in a game, and when their stamina went low, Barca pushed a diversion into their half and finished it off. “But a group did a fantastic job, physically”. Referee Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez showed a sum of 8 yellow cards as good as a true red to Sergi Roberto and Ramos feels that Messi’s sauce down in a hovel caused a arbitrate to take such decisions. Big names Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale all found a net in a feisty 2-2 draw.

Addressing a diversion itself, Zidane also certified he wanted to win a strife with Barça, notwithstanding carrying zero during stake.

‘Beyond what happened on a pitch, final night’s will be remembered as Iniesta’s Clasico.


Spanish football consultant Balague has criticised a 25-year-old for his arrangement in El Clasico and has questioned either he’ll be means to fill Iniesta’s boots.

Cristiano Ronaldo injures ankle while scoring idea in El Clasico