Michael Alig a Notorious ‘Club Kid’ Killer Dies


The scandalous “Club Kid” torpedo — Michael Alig — has upheld divided from a suspected drug overdose. Alig was found passed inside of his Manhattan, New York home early in a morning on Dec. 25, 2020.

Officers think he died due to a suspected heroin overdose. His beloved alerted military to a fact that he had finished some heroin shortly before his death.

He was innate in South Bend, Indiana, on Apr 29, 1966. He and James St. James co-founded a organisation called “Club Kids.”

In 1996, he killed his crony and dismembered his former drug play Andre Melendez. Alig served 17 years in prison. He was expelled roughly 6 years ago.

Supposedly he murdered his roommate — and crony — due to a drug debt.

AligHe was famous as one of a leaders of a “Club Kids.” They were compared with a New York City’s bar enlightenment during a 1980s and 1990s.

In 1997, he beg guilty to murdering Andre “Angel” Melendez. According to Alig, he and Robert “freeze” Riggs murdered Melendez. They afterwards chopped adult a physique — before transfer a pieces into a Hudson River.

Despite his miss of entrance to a computer, Alig was means to say a amicable media participation while behind bars. According to Snopes, he would foreordain his tweets to friends over phone calls.

His story was incited into a book and afterwards a film in 2003. The movie’s name is “Party Monster,” starring Macaulay Culkin as Alig. The book was expelled in 1998.

According to Aja Worthy-Davis — a orator for a New York City medical examiner’s bureau — there has not been an central means of genocide listed. Authorities are still questioning his death.

Written by Sheena Robertson


Snopes: ‘Club Kid’ Killer Michael Alig Dies; Overdose Suspected

Pix11: Michael Alig, former ‘Club Kid’ leader, found passed inside Manhattan apartment: reports; by Kristine Garcia

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