Michelle Obama Call To Action “Vote for Biden Like Your Life Depends on It” [Video]


Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, creates a defence to Americans to “Vote for Joe Biden like your life depends on it” in a pre-recorded video expelled Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020. The former FLOTUS’ video is patrician “Michelle Obama’s Closing Arguments.” For 24 mins Obama gives her intense reasons because Americans should expel their votes for former Vice President Joe Biden.


In a video, Obama slams Trump for his fallacious statements about COVID-19, that has taken a lives of 210,000 people. She reminds viewers that Trump does not have a devise to hoop a non-discriminating illness that has run prevalent in a U.S. and via a world.

The U.S. leads other countries in many deaths by a beginner virus. Obama pronounced that a coronavirus has claimed some-more than dual times a volume of lives of dauntless soldiers who went to fight in Iraq, Afgahnsting, Vietnam, and Korea combined.

Obama did not pronounce about Trump’s new certain diagnosis of COVID-19. He was hospitalized for usually 3 days during Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. During his brief stay, he done an unpretentious outing outdoor in his motorcade to call to a dozen or so supporters who collected outward a hospital. After his release, he unmasked himself to take photos from a White House balcony.

She did, however, plead how Trump has attempted to downplay a pestilence as if it is not a genuine threat. Moreover, Obama points out that even yet wearing a facade could save lives, he still will not consistently wear one.

He has been famous to gibe others for wearing masks. At a 2020 Presidential debate, he mentioned that Biden wears a biggest facade he’s ever seen even if he is some-more than a endorsed 6 feet divided for amicable distancing.

Obama criticized Trump for holding rallies during a pestilence and putting thousands of people during risk for constrictive a lethal disease. She appealed to a viewers as a mom of students in college.

The fear of pupils and teachers constrictive a illness with a doubt of what to do should they turn putrescent is a regard common by many parents. Young college students divided from home would have to quarantine divided from their families.

“Vote for Biden Like Your Life Depends on It”

Trump’s deformed doing of a coronavirus pestilence is not her usually reason to not re-elect Trump. Obama’s defence enclosed a new claims that Trump called before fight vets suckers, responded solemnly to a wildfires, vehement white supremacists during pacific protests of racism, and mocked bullion star families and prisoners of war.

The former initial lady pronounced Biden is a “good man” and lives his lives guided by beliefs informed to Americans. Early in his career, he quit a well-paid pursuit to turn a open defender. Tragically Biden mislaid his wife, daughter, and eldest son though never became asocial and has a low faith in God.

Additionally, she claims that with Joe Biden as a subsequent boss of a United States, he will put a needs of a county before his own. According to Obama, Americans can design Biden to do a following;

  • Oversee a protected vaccine accessible for everyone.
  • Give operative families a taxation credit for child care.
  • Rollback taxation cuts for rich.
  • Help tiny business and operative families.
  • Lower medication drug costs.
  • Give everybody entrance to affordable healthcare.
  • Address secular discrimination.
  • Protect a planet.
  • Name autarchic probity justice with values in line with Chief Justice Baden.
  • Solve problems Trump has abandoned or done worse.

Obama’s call to movement urges each authorised American to vote. She is austere that Biden will rise a inhabitant plan to hoop a coronavirus pestilence as he listens to doctors and scientists.

Most importantly, Obama pleads for electorate to expel their list for Democratic claimant Joe Biden — like their lives count on it.

Written by Sheree Bynum
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


The Hill: Michelle Obama rips Trump in ‘closing argument’ for Biden; Jonathan Easley

Featured and Top Image by Gage Skidmore Courtesy of Wikimedia – Creative Commons License

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