Mike Pence Cannot ‘Simply Dismiss’ Electoral Votes on Jan 6th


As most as Donald Trump wants to attain in overturning a choosing results, a window henceforth sealed on Dec. 14, 2020, when a electoral college met to attest their votes — 306 for Joe Biden vs. 232 for Trump. Vice President Mike Pence does not have a energy to change this fact.

Trump is doubtful over this. He has no simple bargain of a choosing routine a Founding Fathers established. While Trump was en track to Florida for Christmas vacation, he retweeted a ask done by one of his supporters for Pence to exclude to sanction a electoral college votes.

The soon-to-be-former boss asked because his vice-president was not doing adequate to make certain he remained in bureau a second term. He bemoaned a new Lincoln Project video that claimed Pence was relocating divided from him.

Vice President Pence and Congress’ Role In Election Results

PenceWhen a corner event of Congress convenes on Jan. 6, 2021, their pursuit is to double-check a numbers and sanction a choosing outcome. As a Senate president, Pence’s avocation is to promote a record as tangible in a United States Code; Title 3, The President; Chapter 1, Presidential Elections and Vacancies; Sections 15-18.

At 1 p.m., a grave acceptance starts with Pence unsealing a votes and handing any of dual tellers who will record a vote. Once there is a final tally, and it has been handed to a “the President of a Senate shall call for objections, if any.”

Dissents are usually authorised if a chairman provides their logic in essay and has during slightest one other congressperson from a conflicting cover pointer in agreement. The manners ruling how a hurdles are rubbed prove a complainant from any cover are a Representative and Senator angry “may pronounce to such conflict or doubt for 5 minutes, and not some-more than once.”

After hurdles are put forth, Congress will accommodate in a possess cover to concede a contesters a event to pronounce out. The Senate and a House of Representatives leaders are to concede adult to dual hours to discuss a reason behind their complaint.

Vice President Pence is a facilitator; his pursuit is to follow a manners set down by a Founding Fathers and follow a United States Code per chain of a president. He is there to safety order, not to be engulfed in any debate.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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