Negative Ions Are Nature’s Positive Mood Elevator

negative ions

Negative ions naturally boost a person’s mood — elevating it, so to speak. They are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules abounding in certain environments like waterfalls and beaches.

Once they strike a bloodstream, researchers trust disastrous ions emanate biochemical reactions that lift a person’s mood. They boost a mood chemical serotonin levels, boost daytime energy, assuage depression, and soothe stress.

Do disastrous ions work as good as antidepressants?

Basic Science

negative ionsMolecules that have gained or final an nucleus are ions. Nature creates ions as atmosphere molecules mangle detached from a effects of sunlight, radiation, as good as relocating H2O and air.

For example, a chairman will remember a energy of disastrous ions when final visited a beach or stood underneath a waterfall’s spray.

Two factors could means euphoria. The initial is a overwhelming consternation of a setting, and a healthy feeling gifted when divided from a normal pressures from work or home. Second, there are tens of thousands of disastrous ions present in a air. By comparison, an normal home or business contains dozens to hundreds and many distant less.

Ion researcher Michael Terman, Ph.D., of Columbia University explains:

The movement of a pulsation roller creates disastrous atmosphere ions and we also see it immediately a open thunderstorms when people news lightened moods.

Researchers during Columbia investigate people with winter and ongoing depression. Study information prove disastrous ion generators and antidepressants soothe basin — equally. While this news is good given a generator has really few side effects, they still need to investigate suitable doses.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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