Nemo a Latest Member of a Peacock Spider Family [Video]


An ecological margin officer for Nature Glenelg Trust, Sheryl Holliday, detected a new peacock spider in Mount Gambier, South Australia, in Nov 2020 — a Maratus nemo. This peacock spider’s splendid orange face and white ribbon arrange of resembles a clownfish.

During Holliday’s revisit to Nangwarry and Mount McIntyre, she hand-collected 4 masculine and one womanlike Maratus nemo specimens. Upon initial sight, she knew there was something opposite about this spider. She only had a tough time brand a sold species.

He had a plain behind though his orangey-red face is what stood out and we hadn’t seen anything like it before, so we knew it had to be a new one

NemoHoping to brand a spider she posted cinema onto Australian Jumping Spiders — a peacock spider appreciation page. These images held a eye of Museums Victoria’s — Australia’s largest open museum classification —arachnologist Joseph Schubert.

He reached out to Holliday about her Nemo-faced peacock spider. She sent a integrate of a specimens to Schubert for serve examination. Schubert immediately began documenting a spiders he had been given — including a mating dance of a males. He also snapped a garland of photographs of a Maratus nemo.

When a Nemo specimens died he “preserved them in ethanol and brought them behind to a lab.” He afterwards “studied a facilities that done them opposite from other spiders.”

As of Mar 26, 2021, there are 92 class of a peacock spider documented. Schubert detected a peacock spider class in 2016. Since afterwards he has ” described 13 class of peacock spiders and 5 class of their cousins Jotus… another classification of jumping spider.”

The new peacock spider class was named after a Pixar impression from “Finding Nemo.” Images of a Nemo spider have been flooding a internet given a find was announced. Many people are vehement over a new “cute” peacock spider.

Written by Sheena Robertson


Australian Geographic: Meet Nemo, a new class of peacock spider

Daily Mail: Meet Nemo! Adorable new class of peacock spider is named after a Pixar impression interjection to a colourful orange face with white stripes on it; by Jonathan Chadwick

Featured and Top Images Courtesy of Steve’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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