NeNe Leakes Admits ‘Secret’ Leaked by Wendy Williams Not a Big Deal

NeNe Leakes settled that a “secret” Wendy Williams alluded to on a atmosphere is not unequivocally that “serious.”

The star from a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” done a YouTube coming to explain Williams’ headline-making-comments in Feb 2020, including a explain that Leakes was quitting a existence array that front on Bravo, that she insisted was not true. Additionally, Leakes attempted to downplay a puzzling “secret” Williams claimed she suggested to her.

“I know what she meant, and we will never share it. we don’t even know since she even done it sound like that. …It’s not even that serious,” Leakes, 52, told People.

Leakes’ fans speculated that a “secret” could have been about Gregg, Leakes’ husband, and his health, however, a existence star positive fans it was not about her husband’s health; it was distant reduction serious.

“It’s not what people consider it is. People consider it’s a health issue, maybe something’s wrong with my kids of my family, though it’s nothing. Everyone’s fine. My father is fine. We’re all happy and healthy, so y’all usually stop perplexing to poke around and figure it out, since it’s not value your time.”

Leakes certified that she was not tender that Williams, 55, mentioned it on her show. Leakes bloody Williams on Twitter a day after she done a criticism – given that she had not supposing a daytime speak uncover horde with any context over what she “quit.”

“Honestly, we did content her ‘I quit.’ And she usually went right on a uncover and said, ‘She quit “Housewives.”’ She don’t know if we quit drinking, quit wearing wigs, quit sleeping with Gregg, a usually difference we texted her was ‘I quit!’”

Leakes and Williams fast done justification and went selling together during Bergdorf Goodman. Leakes believed that Williams knew now that she had done a mistake.

“But Wendy is so funny. we wasn’t examination that day, and my phone was floating adult with everybody saying, ‘Did we quit?’ And so we called her and Wendy, now let me tell you, she knew immediately she had F—ked up. She was like, ‘Um … what do we need to do? Do we need to call [Andy Cohen]? Do we need to accommodate we during a grill with a camera? we will come on a uncover to repair this! Are we upset? Please don’t be dissapoint with me!’”

By Jeanette Vietti


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