NFL Divisional Round Recap [Video]


The NFL Divisional Rounds are here and the games will get started Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021.

Saturday Divisional Round

Two games have been scheduled for Saturday’s divisional-round. An NFC game between the Packers and the Rams and an AFC game between the Bills and the Ravens.

NFLNFL: Packers 32 — Rams 18

The NFC Divisional game between the Packers and the Rams was expected to be a high scoring game. But the Rams were lacking in their offensive scoring power which caused them to lose the game.

The dominant factor to a winning team is offensive scoring power. Aaron Rogers and the Packers are perfect examples of what an NFL offensive scoring power looks like. In the first half of the game, Green Bay in four possessions scored points on all four possessions.

On the other side of the ball, the Rams possessed the ball four times in the first half and punted twice, and scored one touchdown and one field goal going into halftime behind the Packers 19-10.

In the second half, the Packers received the ball first and drove the ball down the field 75-yards in six plays to score a touchdown on an Aaron Rogers one-yard scamper.

Their next two possessions resulted in a punt but not before burning off six minutes and twenty-nine seconds from the clock. The Packers go one to score an Allen Lazard 58-yard touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers to seal the game.

The Rams retained the ball in the second half four times. They scored one touchdown, punted twice, and with time running out in the game turned the ball over on downs.

The Packers move on to the NFC Championship game against Tom Brady and the Bucs.

NFLNFL: Bills 17 — Ravens 3

This AFC Divisional game was also looked upon as being a very high scoring game with two explosive offenses. But with six offensive possession by the Ravens in the first half, they missed two field-goal attempts, punted three times, and score a 34-yard field goal with four seconds left in the half.

Buffalo only possessed the ball five times in the first half and they punted three times, one missed field goal, and scored one field goal to tie the game up 3-3 at halftime.

The Raven on their first possession in the second half, Lamar Jackson moved his team 66-yards in 15-plays to the Bills eight-yard lin. And on a third and goal, Jackson threw a pick-six to Bill’s Taron Johnson who ran it back 101-yards for a touchdown.

Late in the third quarter on the Ravens eight-yard line, Lamar Jackson was hit as he threw an incomplete pass causing him to leave the game with a concussion. The Bills scored another touchdown on a three-yard pass from Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs to seal their trip to the AFC Championship game against the Chiefs.

Sunday Divisional Round

Two games have been scheduled for Sunday’s divisional-round. An NFC game between the Saints and the Bucs and an AFC game between the Chiefs and the Browns.

NFL: Chiefs 22 — Browns 17

NFLThe Chiefs as well as the Browns have four possessions of the football in the first half and the Chiefs score on every last possession. They scored two touchdowns and two field goals.

Now the Browns with their four possessions they scored a field goal, a punt, a fumble, and they received a 49-yard kick-off with no time left on the clock ending the half with the Chiefs on top  19-3.

The Browns open up the second half with Baker Mayfield being intercepted by the Chiefs on a third and ten play on the Browns 25-yard line. The Chiefs miss on a 33-yard field goal attempt and give the ball back to the Browns.

Cleveland drives down the field 77-yards in eight plays and scores a touchdown on a Jarvis Landry four-yard pass from Baker Mayfield. On the Chiefs’ next possession, they go 60-yards in 11-plays, and on a fourth and one Harrison Butker kicks a 33-yard field goal.

Earlier in that drive, Patrick Mahomes was hit and injured on a third and one play sending him into the locker room being placed under concussion protocols. He would not return to the game. Back up Chad Henne came in the game with the Chiefs up by 12-points.

The Browns scored another touchdown to bring the score within five points but the Chief’s defense rose to the occasion and held the Brown from scoring any more points. The Chiefs advance to the AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills.

NFL: Bucs 30 — Saints 20NFL

“The third time is the charm” is that old saying that means that if you try something twice and you are not successful, then the third time is the charm. It was meant for good luck, and it came true for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady.

The stage was set for two first-round Hall of Famers to go head to head again for an opportunity to play in the NFC Championship game. Having the home-field advantage the Saints were favored to win this game.

Tom Brady and the Bucs got the ball first after the Saints defer. With their six possessions in the first half, the Bucs punt the ball three times, scoring two field goals, and one touchdown.  Drew Brees and the Saints only had five first-half possessions and they punted once, scoring two field goals, one touchdown, and a Drew Brees interception that lead to the Bucs’ only first-half touchdown.

The half ends with the game tied at 13 all.

The Saints deferring to the second half has the first possession and scores a touchdown on a Tre’Quan Smith 16-yard pass from Drew Brees. New Orleans’s next possession they fumbled the ball to the Bucs that lead to a Tampa Bay touchdown.

On the Saints’ next possession, they punt the ball to the Bucs and Tom Brady goes 61-yards in 11-plays ending with a Ryan Succop 36-yard field goal putting the Buc on top by three points. New Orleans gets the ball back and Drew Brees threw another interception that leads to a Bucs touchdown.

With less than five minutes left in the game and the Saints down by ten-points Drew Brees mounts a drive that ends with another interception sealing the game for Tampa Bay and Tom Brady. Rumors were circulating that this might be Dew Brees’ last season.

Tom Brady and the Bucs advance to the AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills.

Written by Omari Jahi


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