No More Old White Men Running America From a Oval Office

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Enough! 233 years and 46 presidents. With a singular exception, aged white group have caused some-more mistreat to a republic than any unfamiliar enemy. The United States of America stays a immature country, with an normal age of 38.2 years of age.

A check showed that 40% of all Americans do not wish President Joe Biden or Donald Trump to run in 2024. we am sincerely certain that if a check had been taken essentially of group and women 40 years of age or under, a commission would have been many higher. There is no probable approach an 80-year-old male can describe to 40-year-old group and women.

America has been relocating backward, and carrying an octogenarian in a White House will not change that fact. We need younger women and group heading a republic of 331 million people.

The American People are in unfortunate need of a clever and enterprising leader, someone who will mount adult to a extremists in Washington. Common clarity and a golden order of doing a right thing regardless of a probable consequences contingency lapse to a White House.

President Obama was a good and correct boss though lacked a integrity and expostulate to change a behind instruction in Washington. President Biden has surpassed my expectations, though when a strenuous charge of heading 331 million people as an aged male is confronting him, age is a factor, and many Americans positively feel a same. Over his 4 prolonged years in office, a universe watched as Trump’s already singular genius declined rapidly. He is physically and mentally non-professional for office. In reality, he does not wish to fake to be a boss for another 4 years. Work is not in his vocabulary.

Polls taken about a theme of age in 2024 exhibit a stupidity of a normal American voter. Sadly, a check showed a multiplication along celebration lines, not on fact.

Courtesy of US National Archives (Picryl PDM)

A infancy of Republicans trust that Biden is too aged to offer a second term, though Trump would be acceptable. The retreat is loyal among Democrats. Let’s get real, America. we am 76 years aged and too aged to run for any domestic office. we might have a egghead capability, though my earthy appetite is waning. The highlight compulsory of a operative boss is a pursuit for a younger lady or man. Trump aged small presumably given he never worked a full day in his life before, during, or after his deceptive presidency.

In 1988, Reagan’s final year in office, he was 77 years old, a oldest boss in story during that time. He showed many signs of his advancing years, including a need for prolonged naps each day. He was apparently in a early stages of insanity and probable Alzheimer’s. This contingency not occur again.

I demeanour behind to dual presidents who displayed a appetite and expostulate to lead a republic forward. You won’t like one of them, though a contribution are irrefutable.

John Kennedy was 46 when he was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963. He saved a universe from a third universe war, among his many accomplishments. His strength, total with his wisdom, done him a good leader.

Richard Nixon was 56 when he became a 37th boss and 61 when he resigned. He achieved some-more than any Republican boss given Teddy Roosevelt. Read his record. He was justly forced to resign, never impeached, though his accomplishments pronounce for themselves.

Sometimes age is important, and a approach American presidents age in a bureau is explanation that no male or lady in their after years should be authorised to lead a richest and many absolute republic in a universe with a lives of 331 million people in their hands.

Written by James Turnage, Novelist


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