Pastor Gets Life in Prison for Child Sex Trafficking Scheme


A priest is portion life in sovereign jail for heading a scarcely three-year-long child sex trafficking scheme. Reverend Anthony Haynes is a former personality of Greater Life Christian Center in Toledo, Ohio.  During sentencing, he begged a decider for forgiveness with claims that a 27 months he has already spent divided from his 5 children available conference is allied to a life jail sentence.

In 2014, a teenage lady changed in with a Haynes family after her mom could no longer yield adequate caring for her. Allegedly, Haynes knew a lady was a before plant of passionate attack and preyed on her, after mouth-watering his priest friends, Cordell Jenkins, and Kenneth Butler, to do a same.

Haynes took his box to conference in March. At that time, a sovereign jury found him guilty of enchanting in sex trafficking with a minor, sex trafficking of a minor, passionate exploitation of a minor, and interference a sex trafficking investigation. His partners-in-crime pleaded guilty during an progressing conference and have been sentenced.  Jenkins is portion life in jail and Butler, 17 and a half year sentence. When vocalization of this comfortless spin of events, Eric B. Smith, FBI Special Agent in Charge, said:

Our children should not be bought, sole or traded. They should not be used for financial or personal gain. The children who are victimized in a infamous universe of sex trafficking merit justice. In sovereign probity in Toledo, probity was served. Pastor Anthony Haynes disregarded each trust bestowed on him – as a personality of a church, he was obliged for assisting those in need. Especially children. He disregarded that trust in a misfortune approach imaginable. Today we are grateful for a law duress partnerships that led to this verdict.

The situations that sex trafficking victims face change dramatically. These sinister predators use threats, manipulation, lies, debt bondage, and other forms of duress to enforce adults and children to rivet in blurb sex acts opposite their will. In a United States, any teenager underneath a age of 18 years prompted into blurb sex is a plant of sex trafficking.  It does not matter if a trafficker used force, fraud, coercion, or nothing of these.pastor

During a trial, a victim, who is now 19, testified that Pastor Haynes had sex with her during his church, in his vehicle, during motels, and inside a storage area where he worked. There were also photographs of her behaving verbal sex on him on his phone. Reportedly, a lady was also taken to a church and a hotel to have sex with Butler.  The plant and Jenkins had sex during his church, his home, and during a Red Roof Inn.

The priest gets life in jail for his rapist activity. Family members of a reverend pronounced his judgment was not proportional to identical crimes. Attorney Michael Freeman pronounced a priest used his position as a pseudo-parent and a minister to take advantage of a girl. He “ripped a ignorance from a victim.” During a sermon-like speech, a priest exclaimed:

I don’t merit life. we don’t merit life,” Haynes pronounced during a sermon-like speech. Like we said, I’ve been doing life for 27 months while I’ve been divided from my children and this hurts … my need currently is for we to have forgiveness on Anthony Haynes.

The plant and her defender both attended Jenkins’ church during a time of a crimes. The 48-year-old intimately exploited a lady on countless occasions.   Not usually during his home, though a motel as good as his church bureau during Abundant Life Ministries. According to authorities, Jenkins paid a teenager “hush money” to keep her quiet.  Also, probity papers showed that a reverend available many of a interactions on his dungeon phone.

Reportedly, a now ex-wife of Jenkins, Laura Lloyd, formerly perceived a array of risque content messages between a abused and a pastors. However, instead of notifying authorities, she contacted her father and Haynes to advise them of a probable investigation. For participating, Lloyd is condemned to 21 months in sovereign prison.

The mother and stepdaughter of Haynes also played a purpose in a crime. Both have a tentative box for allegedly, abduction and melancholy a plant so she would not attest opposite a pastor. The priest has already perceived life in jail for spearheading a scarcely three-year child sex trafficking scheme.  His partners are also in jail.

Anyone in a United States concerned in sex trafficking or are wakeful of others wanting assistance greatfully hit a National Human Trafficking Hotline during 1 (888) 373-7888.  Also, by texting “HELP” or “INFO” 24 hours a day and 7 days a week victims can accept help.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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