Pastor Keahey Shot Himself While His Wife and Daughters Died in House Fire

Pastor Eugene Keahey, a distinguished priest in Dallas, Texas shot himself in a conduct and his mother and daughters were in a residence that was on fire.

The Dallas military pronounced a occurrence was murder-suicide fuelled by domestic violence.

Keahey’s daughters 15-year-old Camry and 17-year-old Darryn died from fume transformation and browns on Feb 28, 2019.

Keahey died from a singular gunshot to his head.  The medical investigator pronounced a genocide was a suicide.

The medical investigator pronounced that a pastor’s daughter’s deaths were from homicide.  The pastor’s mother 51-year-old DeAnna’s means of genocide is still pending.

Police are still questioning to establish a means of a fire, though trust it was set intentionally.

Three weeks before Keahey committed suicide, he altered a cover print on his Facebook page to a ensign that said: “Everybody has secrets.”

Thirty mins before it was reported that a glow was holding place on Feb. 28, he posted on his Facebook a mysterious summary that did not make clarity referring to a formidable time he was carrying in his life. He finished his matter with “Good Night Everybody.”

Written by Barbara Sobel


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