Refusing an Effective COVID Vaccine and Using Unproven Drugs Is Illogical

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Since a COVID-19 vaccine has been proven effective and a success rate is irrefutable, spending income on and ingesting a malaria drug or anti-parasitic instead of a drug grown for one purpose is illogical.

How reticent are anti-vaxxers?

Take a box of Allen West. He is a unapproachable TEA Party nonconformist and a “Republican” claimant for a Governor of Texas. He is an anti-vaxxer and has been diagnosed with coronavirus after attending an packed fundraiser.

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West admits that he has been holding hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin even yet there is 0 justification that they can hindrance or relieve a effects of COVID-19.

Moreover, now that he is hospitalized, he has been given a still-experimental drug, that has proven to be useful in some cases, monoclonal antibody injections. The latest news claims that he is doing well.

Remember, West was once a Representative from Florida who indicted Democrats of “having during slightest 80 communists in their ranks after fasten a TEA Party.” Another worried bulb bag. This male is not intelligent adequate to lead a state or anything incomparable than a lemonade stand. If he does not trust science, he is another Donald Trump counterpart who will not trust anyone else and will positively destroy as badly as his Fuhrer.

Right-wing politicians and Fox News, among other nonconformist groups who constantly emanate swindling theories, try to censure President Biden for sharpening a coronavirus in some states. The contribution infer that anti-vaxxers are a ones to blame, and they are all brainwashed supporters of a misfortune male in a world.

Once President Biden took office, it was immediately suggested that Trump and his administration had no devise to discharge a vaccine when it was ready, nonetheless he constantly bragged about a creation.

Not one certain bid for a infancy of a nation’s people was achieved in 4 years. However, Trump did revoke taxes for a super-rich and vast companies to a dangerously low rate. He is also “credited” with spending some-more taxpayer income for his personal use than any other boss in history.

Over a final 40 years plus, we have come to comprehend that all worried politicians are batshit crazy and a risk to a destiny of a nation. They valid it once and for all when they bent to a Russian representative who lived in a White House for 4 prolonged years, on occasion. Anyone with a simple genius and common clarity knew in 2016 that Trump would be a misfortune choice in story to lead 330 million people. He valid that he was distant worse than any of us feared.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Elvert Barnes’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Top Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Refusing an Effective COVID Vaccine and Using Unproven Drugs Is Illogical combined by James Turnage on Oct 16, 2021
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