Rochester Police Facing Scrutiny for Actions Against a 9-Year-Old Girl


Rochester Police Department in New York is confronting inspection for a approach they hoop a unsettled 9-year-old girl. The officers were responding to a family reeling call on Friday, Jan. 29, 2021. They were told that a child was suicidal and had threatened to kill her mother.

After officers arrived during a stage a unclear child ran away. In footage from one officer’s body-cam people can see him posterior a lady on foot. The officer is listened pursuit a child seeking her to “Come here, we don’t wish to follow we down a street.”

The child dashed around a building causing a Rochester officer to run after her. The child finally stopped during a blockade holding her trek in hand. When a officer hold adult to her he quietly asked her “What’s going on? What did we contend to your mother?”

The officer attempted to take a child’s trek — to that she resisted during first. He afterwards was means to get a child to quietly tell him what had transpired. That is until her mom showed adult totally aggravated. She began irreverence and yelling during a child. Making a Rochester officer’s pursuit a small bit some-more difficult.

In a footage, a child indicted a mom of stabbing her father. To that a mom replied with swears and “He had me in a headlock. That’s how he got blood on him. From my lip.” The mother’s tinge began to turn a bit some-more aggressive.

At one indicate a Rochester officer had to step between a dual — when a mom swore during a lady and attempted to waylay her by her head. The officer is listened again seeking a mom to lapse home so he could ease a child down.

When a second Rochester officer arrived he asked him to place a lady in his patrol car. This is when a child unequivocally began to conflict a authorities. Both of a officers had a child by an arm attempting to place shackles on her.

The child became even some-more distraught and began screaming, “I wish my dad.” Both of a Rochester officers began wrestling with a child to place a cuffs onto a 9-year-old. During a struggle, a initial officer’s body-cam fell off of him and subsequent to a Rochester military car.

After they wrestled a immature child to a snowy belligerent they were means to slap a cuffs onto her. She resisted their attempts to get her to her feet though a officers prevailed. The Rochester officers afterwards brought a distraught screaming child to a behind of a patrol car.

They managed to get a child onto into a patrol automobile — only not fully. The child continued to roar during a Rochester officers that she wanted to pronounce with her father. She afterwards screamed that she wanted a womanlike officer.

Who coincidentally only arrived during a scene. One of a masculine officers changed somewhat to a side to let a womanlike officer into a pathway of a patrol car.

The child — panting for exhale from being so worked adult — steady her direct to a womanlike Rochester officer. To that she responded, “I will find your father we only need we to get into a car.” This evidence murderous a child and she continued to conflict a officer’s attempts to place her in a car.

One masculine officer afterwards attempted to lift a child serve into a automobile by a cuffs. Which caused a child to roar out like she was in pain. Several other Rochester military cars arrived during a stage during this time frame.

RochesterIn one of a videos expelled by a Rochester Police Department, one of a masculine officers is listened observant “Just mist her during this point.”  The masculine officer was vocalization to another masculine officer who had already pulled out his peppers spray.

The womanlike officer desperately attempted to defuse a immature child and explained that they were going to mist her. To that a child seemed unresponsive. Then a unclear masculine officer sprayed a 9-year-old in a face.” The lady is listened screaming out in pain.

On Sunday a Rochester Police Chief — Cynthia Herriott-Sullivan — hold a news conference.

I’m not going to mount here and tell we that for a 9-year-old to have to be pepper-sprayed is okay.

The Rochester Mayor, Lovely Warren, combined that she was a mom of a 10-year-old girl. Warren settled that a video “is not anything we wish to see.” Many other city leaders have been scrutinizing a Rochester Police Department’s actions.

In Mar 2020, a mentally ill black male — Daniel Prude, age 41 — died after Rochester military officers placed a black hood over his head. This sparked protests opposite a republic and a military arch mislaid their job.

Many people feel they should send mental health experts — or sight officers in mental health treatments — to hoop situations like this. It is transparent a Rochester Police Department is not versed to hoop children experiencing mental health crises.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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