Shark pulls Florida fisherman from boat | WATE 6 On Your Side

Seeing a shark still trustworthy to his fishing rod in a overturned kayak, Chancey flipped a vessel over and jumped behind into a kayak. Attempting to locate a goliath grouper from his kayak, Chancey found that several bull sharks had begun encircling him, expected meddlesome in a 15-pound-bait he was employing.

Chancey hurriedly swam to a circuitously vessel and got safely out of a water.

It’s what came next, however, that creates this fish story so unusual. In this instance, a Florida fisherman was capsized in his vessel while perplexing to captivate in one.

The critter, he said, was about 8 ½ feet long. “I couldn’t let him win that easy”, he told ABC News. He held a grouper, though a grouper separate out a bait. Its website claims “Capt. Ben specializes in impassioned fishing charters”.

The tighten call comes after a increasing series of shark incidents this summer.

Some experts also trust that a boost in shark attacks might be due to a incomparable than common sea turtle race along a Atlantic Coast.


Chancey posted a video of a confront tip his YouTube channel “Chew On This” Wednesday. we had to get adult off a pad and get another shot.

Watch Bull Shark Flips Angler's Kayak