Stan Van Gundy of Detroit Pistons vicious of ’embarrassing’ officiating in detriment to Portland Trail Blazers

With a 30-39 record, a Detroit Pistons know what it’s like to lose, though a approach in that they mislaid Saturday night in Portland to a Trail Blazers left conduct manager Stan Van Gundy fuming.

“It’s embarrassing. It’s annoying for them and annoying for a league,” Van Gundy pronounced of Saturday’s officiating, following a 100-87 loss.

“I’ve been here for 4 years and many some-more years before that, and I’ve never come in after a diversion — never, never come in after a diversion — and talked like this. That was embarrassing,” he said. “We got positively screwed tonight.”

Van Gundy went so distant as to itemize several plays he felt were improperly officiated.

“They reason and grabbed on each play and they got divided with fouls all over a place. We got positively screwed all night,” Van Gundy said. “Luke Kennard creates a behind cut to a basket on an out-of-bounds play, gets knocked down, they finish adult with dual points on a other end. Blake Griffin has dual true drives in a fourth that he gets beaten on. He gets screwed twice.”

And while Van Gundy credited Portland for how good they played, he still remarkable that he suspicion a refs done a large disproportion in his team’s loss.

“A large partial of [the Blazers’] invulnerability — they play really hard, we don’t meant to take anything divided from them — though when we can get divided with personification like that and get screwed that badly by a officials, your invulnerability is going to be flattering good,” Van Gundy said.

When asked if he was given any reason about one of a calls, Van Gundy pronounced he got an forgive with that he wasn’t happy.

“Yeah, ‘If we saw it, we would have called it.’ Well we know what? Your damn pursuit is to see it. … Why a ruin do we have we out there?”

Interestingly, a Pistons shot dual some-more giveaway throws than a Blazers, attempting 20 to Portland’s 18.

The Pistons trailed by as many as 19 points in a third quarter, though they sealed to 84-74 on Stanley Johnson‘s asperse with 8:18 left.

Johnson, who had 11 points and 5 rebounds off a bench, attempted to shrug off his issues with Saturday’s officiating.

“We’re grown men,” Johnson said. “We squeeze and reason only like they squeeze and hold. At a finish of a day it is what it is. You can’t go behind and change stuff. You can’t do zero about it. If that’s a approach they wish to go a game, we gotta understanding with it and try to scheme a best we can.”

The Pistons, who have mislaid 8 of their past 10 games, continue their six-game highway outing Monday night opposite a Sacramento Kings.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.