Suarez Reacts To Griezmann’s ‘Respect’ After France Loss

The five-time champions came to Russian Federation unfortunate to make justification for their overwhelming 7-1 semi-final improved on home dirt to Germany in 2014. We had 3 glorious opportunities in a second half and we failed.

Roberto Martinez: “They did incredible”.

“It is special and we can’t let a people of Belgium down”.

Raphael Varane and Antoine Griezmann scored a goals and Deschamps was quite gratified for a former, who had been during error when Mats Hummels scored Germany’s hero in a quarter-finals during a final World Cup.

His 13′ possess idea gave Belgium a top hand, cemented by Kevin De Bruyne’s 31′ goal, interjection to a shining support from Romelu Lukaku who ran scarcely a whole widen of a representation with a round glued to his feet before flitting it on to a Manchester City striker.

Substitute Renato Augusto headed them behind into it on 76 mins as a contest favourites piled on a vigour in hunt of an equaliser.

The centre back, who was usually 21 during a time, took a censure for France’s improved to Germany in Rio de Janeiro when he was dismissively brushed aside in an aerial duel with Mats Hummels that valid wilful his team’s 1-0 defeat.

Thomas Meunier, who got his second yellow for fouling Neymar, will skip Belgium’s semi-final opposite France on Jul 10.

Tabarez was penetrating to regard Cavani for his opinion in training, though, and thinks a intercourse in a patrol between a comparison stars and younger players will mount Uruguay in good stead as they bid to strech a semi-finals.

Raphaël Varane (France defender): “This is pristine joy; it’s attractive”.

But France were gladdened to Hugo Lloris for pulling off a overwhelming save during full widen moments before a half-time alarm to repudiate Martin Caceres.

It was a doubt Didier Deschamps was asked after a Uruguay win.

They are doing what other successful teams during a World Cup have done, namely get stronger with any diversion and opposite gradually improved opponents.

“We only need to do what is right, rather than perplexing to play good football”. “These are things we work on”.

“We were again in a compare to strech a semi-finals”, pronounced Godin.

“The serve we go in this foe a fewer mistakes we can means to make”, he added.

Saturday sees 4 associate European nations bid to join them in a final four, as England accommodate Sweden in Samara before hosts Russian Federation take on Croatia in Sochi.


A shot that flew directly during a hands of a hostile goalkeeper incited into a Fifa World Cup idea for Antoine Griezmann.

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