Ted Cruz Jets Off to Cancun Deserting Texans Amid Storm-Related Crisis


Did Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) unequivocally confirm to take his scheduled family outing to Cancun on Feb 17, 2021? After scarcely 24-hours of conjecture and verifications by unnamed sources, a senator certified he went to Cancun though confirmed he did so to be a “good dad,” and he designed on returning on Feb 18.

Cruz serve asserted he was in hit with his office. If that was a case, because did his bureau not respond when countless news agencies requested information? If this outing was on a adult and up, there should have been some statement.

Protesters greeted him in front of his home on his return. Using bullhorns, they incited out in frozen temperatures to direct his resignation. Vocal Democrats in Washington D.C. continued their rallying cries for Cruz to leave bureau possibly willingly or by expulsion.

However, a Cruz-family outing is merely a latest in a senator’s relapse in judgment. They wish to reason him accountable for his partial in a events heading adult to a Jan 6th riots during a U.S. Capitol.

cruzThe senator attempted for a mea culpa impulse observant his preference was an apparent relapse in judgment. But he was passively defensive and elitist.

“I was perplexing to be a dad” Cruz continued to speak about how his daughters were cold. “I consider there are a lot of relatives that would be like, ‘Look if we can do this great.’”

The problem with his presumably contrite talk is that he dug in with his justifications about because he motionless to leave his voters failing in historically low temperatures.

Logistically, Cruz and associate Republican John Cornyn had finished their partial to ask sovereign disaster service for a state. The state and private application companies are not underneath their rule.

Nonetheless, a senators should be concerned in Texas’s liberation from a charge that so distant has claimed 47 famous deaths. The series of casualties will arise as a state struggles by a expected delayed and distressing recovery.

People are justifiably dissapoint with Cruz’s choice to rush a state. Certainly, if a chairman has a means to strengthen their family from pang in a issue of a horrific weather, they would expected do so.

Governor Greg Abbott, Senators Cruz, and Cornyn, any of a 36 members representing Texas in Washington D.C., as good as state and internal officials, have many problems to residence surrounding a state’s infrastructure failure.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: While you’re frozen in your Texas home, Sen. Ted Cruz took off for Cancun. Really.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Ted Cruz cites “wanting to be a good dad” for roving to Cancún during Texas energy outages; by Abby Livingston

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Ted Cruz Jets Off to Cancun Deserting Texans Amid Storm-Related Crisis combined by Cathy Milne-Ware on Feb 19, 2021
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