The 2022 Election, Specifically a Results in Arizona Prove That We Can End a Plutocracy and Defeat a Super-Rich

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It’s “Us vs Them” and We Cannot Lose This Battle

If we need explanation that a nation’s wealthiest Americans are a rivalry of a operative category demeanour no offer than where they spent their income in a 2022 elections. Or ask them because they lifted prices on necessities after a pestilence began to lessen, nonetheless all working-class Americans struggled to tarry for some-more than dual years after their deceptive boss refused to act fast to save lives, tiny businesses, and jobs.

All “Republican” Politicians Owe Their Careers to Plutocrats

Our largest companies make puppets of a whole right side of a Capitol Building by their use of lobbyists. They spend millions of dollars shopping votes on each emanate vicious to them, and during elections each dual years. Beginning in 1981, worried politicians aided a super-rich in their efforts to take capitalism to a subsequent turn and emanate a plutocracy. You can't omit a facts: a republic is ruled by a tiny commission of embarrassingly wealthy, miserly Americans.

Don’t Deny It: a 2022 Midterms Were a Victory for Real Americans

However, there is some hope. Aided by Trump’s endorsements of a misfortune possibilities in history, Republicans unsuccessful to benefit control of a Senate in a midterms. They will have a infancy in a House, though a domain is intensely thin, and for a subsequent dual years, a traitors in a TEA Party and a Freedom Caucus will emanate adequate contrariety that a disastrous policies of Trump lackey, Kevin McCarthy, and others, will have small possibility of success with their efforts to improved President Biden’s bulletin for all Americans.

The Arizona Gubernatorial Election was a Defeat for a Super-Rich

One choosing stands above a rest, divulgence how badly Trump and his super-rich friends unsuccessful to take finish control of a nation’s future.

Kari Lake claims to be an “election denier.” However, she is regulating “the large lie” to accept votes from thousands of ignorant electorate in Arizona. She was permitted by Trump, though her loyal benefactors were a super-rich who continue to lift their puppet’s strings.

The Republican Governors Association, a domestic cabinet that combines corporate income with dim income from politically oriented nonprofits that do not divulge their contributors, spent during slightest $11 million on Lake’s campaign.

The tangible volume contributed to Lake’s debate was expected many larger. Professional criminals use “dummy corporations” to censor their money. Unscrupulous plutocrats censor debate contributions regulating self-existent names of people and businesses to flue income into candidates’ campaigns who will opinion and act as they are instructed. This is accurately because billionaires combined a TEA Party to offer their demands.

Lake is Another Trump Wannabe Who is Totally Unfit for Public Office

Lake mislaid a razor-thin choosing to Katie Hobbs. Lake, following her pimp’s tactic, has refused to concede.

Her detriment is a feat for working-class group and women, and all electorate should compensate attention. We mostly feel that a votes don’t count. This choosing proves once and for all that we, a American people, do have a energy to take behind a republic from worried politicians and their owners.

So, Celebrate, though not for too Long. It’s Time for all loyal Americans to Prepare for a Huge Battle in 2024

Republicans destroy to have a singular competent claimant honourable of staying in a White House. There will be hundreds of lies and groundless swindling theories from a right. Republicans will continue to do zero for a subsequent dual years. All of their efforts will be focused on winning elections opposite a nation, though many significantly a presidency.

President Biden is 100 times improved than his prototype and is operative for all Americans. We contingency extend his policies and pledge that whoever is sitting behind a Resolute Desk places a nation’s people first. That contingency not be a feign Republican.

By James Turnage, Author of “Four More Years”


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The 2022 Election, Specifically a Results in Arizona Prove That We Can End a Plutocracy and Defeat a Super-Rich combined by James Turnage on Nov 28, 2022
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