The Humanity of the Human Race

Since the beginning of time the human race has desired power. It seems it was established a long time ago, a group or family would lead the world, maybe not the whole world but the free world. This desire for power has caused people from all around the world to fight for it.

The rivalry between Italians and the Russians, the African-Americans against the Roman Europeans, and the Afrikaans on Roman’s British front has all been a fight for power over the years. You cannot see this happening unless you look. We choose to see what we are willing to accept or believe.

Through the media, a mass formula for negative influence was introduced. Humanity’s thirst for power has constructed this dynamic blueprint, which consists of a self-destructive mixture. Keep in mind, negative is simply contrary the truth. Eventually, as a species, we began to succumb to stereotypes and make them our norm. The one thing that is true and significant is what we choose to ignore.

We all have a specific purpose and are full of potential. However, if the wrong person presents the best offer everything can start falling apart in your life. For many years, the idea of slavery was repeated in the memory. This is so humanity is in constant combat to keep itself distracted from climbing up the ladder of power. Meaning, people are simply in a race for power.

Seeing different groups of humans, who have different color skin, should not be rare or provoke prejudice. People of all races need to work together in order to be a strong and long-lasting civilization. Humanity actually caused more damage to individuals, but some see these casualties as a basis or foundation for the greater good.

We all have our own view of the human race. Sometimes it is not enough to constantly oppress a group without some retaliation, so what you do is add some more violence to the formula. When there was random black targeted crime the people were suffering gravely, and the idea of cops killing blacks was introduced. I personally believe it was accepted all too quickly. Well, that would affect the progress of the leading group in humanity. Why not also include blacks randomly attacking and killing cops? You must not leave out the added exclamation in every delivered report. This is as pathetic as the groups that are scrutinized. It simply requires focus and actually working together to make your ecosystem strong. You must remember, there is a saying, “Even with the last breath you can make a world of a difference.”

It even seems promising, at times, to allow civilizations growth and the power to govern themselves. Although, there are people who want to play God, as some may say, and try to dictate events and people around them. The one thing that is 100 percent fact, in humanity, is that something created humans. Therefore it is advised, for one to seek the truth for ones own self benefit. Always keep in mind the saying, “The first shall be placed last and the last shall become first.” All understanding is up for a challenge, but destiny is destiny. The question is; “Are you running or walking to the inevitable end of humanity?”

Opinion by Gerald Antoine
Edited by Katherine Miller

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Vankuso’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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