Tips for Coping With Pre-Election Stress [Video]


Not a notation goes by that something or someone is creation news. It is generally shrill when that is an assault of pre-election noise, that is guaranteed to boost stress. Although anticipating some still might seem improbable, decrease is usually a few breathes away.

First, and presumably a many difficult, is to extent TV time. Next is holding a amicable media interregnum — Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram. Even if there is no choosing review on amicable media, there is always some drama. Taking time divided is not usually recommended; it is therapeutic.

But afterwards what to do with a additional time? What to do with a distracting clearly everlasting thoughts of a election, candidates, etc.?

Meditation is a answer, though it takes use to delayed down prolonged adequate to stop ruminating. The good news is there are several awareness apps accessible on Android or iOS that are designed to assistance confuse from a pre-election noise.

  • Headspace is an app designed to assistance sight a mind and physique for a healthier, happier life. The app’s co-founder Andy Puddicombe leads a imagining and exercises. He teaches a essentials of meditation.
  • Calm is a fanciful app to start training a art of meditating. There is a 7-day beginner’s program. The guided sessions are brief and cover a basis of mindfulness. Or, there is a library of balmy inlet sounds and scenes. If a choosing sound creates it formidable to sleep, this app can assistance with bedtimes stories — guaranteed to peace a noisiest ming to calm sleep.
  • Aura offers personalized imagining designed for a user. The app asks questions and creates a 3-minute awareness imagining exercise. Aura will assistance “you control your highlight and thoughts improved to revoke highlight and boost positivity.”

Each of a above apps is giveaway for simple meditation; however, there is a price for some-more modernized sessions. If income is a concern, YouTubers have uploaded many giveaway imagining videos to confuse from life’s stresses — kids, pandemic, and elections.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


Forbes: Breethe — 5 Ways to Reduce Election Stress

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Cathy McCray’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

Tips for Coping With Pre-Election Stress [Video] combined by Cathy Milne-Ware on Oct 26, 2020
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