Toddler Shot in Car on Lake Shore Drive Chicago


Shots dismissed on Chicago Lake Shore Drive Tuesday, Apr 6, 2021. A declare saw a lady being ecstatic with a toddler to Northwestern Memorial Hospital by a good samaritan. Later a masculine 3-year-old toddler was eliminated to Lurie Children’s Hospital, where he is in vicious condition with a gunshot wound to a right temple.

3-Year-Old Toddler Shot

It is believed that a sharpened of a toddler was caused by highway rage. There was a brawl presumably over not vouchsafing somebody into a line of traffic.

TODDLERThe sharpened of a toddler took place nearby a 300 retard of South Lake Shore Drive. Shortly after a shots were fired, a automobile crashed in a 100-block.

Chicago military news that 7 people were shot and bleeding a few hours progressing during a quarrel only a few miles away. Police share that this year is apropos one of a many aroused years in city memory.

Monday night shots rang out after a quarrel in a Englewood community. Seven were injured, including a 39-year-old lady that was shot in a arm and a abdomen. Detectives are investigating, though no arrests have been made.

A sharpened on Easter Sunday left 7 people passed along with 10 some-more people hospitalized with gunshot wounds. And don’t forget, only final week, military shot and killed a 13-year-old Adam Toledo on Mar 29.

Mayor Lightfoot said:

Police officers have been warned that squad members competence fire during them in plea for Adam’s death.

During March, there have been 131 homicides, with 98 reported for a month final year. With 3 months already on a books for 2021, sharpened victims have climbed to over 700. If a sharpened assault continues, Chicago is on gait to erase a 769 homicides from 2020

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