Top 10 Super Hero Movies of Recent Times

Iron Man

This film was expelled in 2008 and a impression or iron male became really renouned among a kids after a recover of a film that became one of a tip grosser during a box office. This is radically a good vs immorality story with a super favourite finally saving a nation from a terrorists.Iron Man


Blade II

This was a supplement to a strange Blade though surpassed it in story, and cinematography. Blade is a half human, half super hero who has been selected to lead a group of vampire hunters. This group has to somehow better a inhuman bloodsucking creatures called reapers. This film had some extraordinary comic book desirous attempt scenes hypnotizing audiences.


Superman II

Though this can be labeled as an aged film carrying been expelled in 1980, a impact can still be felt over a whole genre of super hero movies. Christopher Reeves played a executive impression of Superman while a knave was played by Gene Hackman. The film is all about how Superman alias Clark Kent fights Zod and saves universe earth.



This is not particularly a super hero film as it is not formed on a comic book hero. But Unbreakable is all about a male who learns about his super natural abilities. The film was destined by M. Night Shyamalan and has Bruce Wills as a executive character. The film takes a demeanour during a pressures of being a super hero.


Spiderman 2

Though there have been Spiderman 3 and 4 given then, Spiderman 2 is etched on a memories of a superhero lovingSpiderman-2 audiences opposite a universe and a duels of a extraordinary Spiderman with Dr. Octopus.


The Dark Knight

This superhero film was done by executive Christopher Nolan in a year 2008. This Batman film will be prolonged remembered for a description of a impression Joker by Heath bill who even got a Oscars posthumously. This was a supplement to a 2005 batman Begins.



This is a 2004 superhero film that depicts a life of a demon who has been lifted after being discovered from a Nazis. He however grows up to turn a defender of amiability opposite immorality forces.


The Incredible Hulk

This superhero film done in 2008 is formed on a marvel Comics superhero Hulk. The story is about a alloy who performs a Gamma Rays examination that goes wrong and creates him immature skinned hulk Hulk who has super natural abilities. Later a alloy becomes Hulk whenever his beat rate goes high. All superheroes combine to quarrel Loci and his army.


The Avengers


This is one superhero film that has several of them fighting for a gratification of amiability together. The fans of superhero cinema were gay to see their favorite heroes in a singular film and a tract of a film was beautifully crafted to lift a story notwithstanding a participation of so many characters. The Avengers is a biggest strike among all superhero cinema of all time and  also a latest to have strike a screens in 2012.