Trumale Coleman a Golden Glove Champion Reflects on His Community

Coleman wins GoldColeman wins Gold
Courtesy of Boxing Out Negativity (Used W/ Permission)

In a North Lawndale village there now resides a new golden glove champion for a welterweight division. A champion not only in a streets though in a margin of fighting too. The passion and care that creates a champion is a skill, not a trait. Trumale “Old man” Coleman is a immature male who has always had a heart full of steam and now he has an critical fulfilment for himself.

The pain, a soreness, and a mental credentials extended my focus. we knew we could win in my heart, we only had to infer it to myself, not to anyone else though me.

Coleman is now a reigning, defending, Golden Glove Welterweight Championship. This is not a initial time that Coleman has won a championship. He is a golden glove champion with a tough work and loyalty that he schooled from a neighborhood. This was merely another idea achieved off his list though how did he get here?

Coleman wins GoldColeman wins Gold
Courtesy of Trumale Coleman (Used W/ Permission)

Coleman is from a North Lawndale village and has lived here his whole life. He grew adult being a warrior though not like a one he is currently as a reigning champion. “The mindset that a village shows is opposite from what we wanted for myself. we was a child that desired to quarrel and we indispensable something to keep me out of trouble. Everyone on my travel knew me and how we was flourishing up.  Somebody who seen me fighting brought me to my home; Boxing Out Negativity,” pronounced Coleman.

Joining a Boxing Out Negativity Family

Boxing Out Negativity (B.O.N) is a North Lawndale classification that has built boxers out of girl from a village to form fortify while bringing them together by a teachings of Boxing. The classification led by manager Derrick Brown unequivocally implements and puts everyone’s best seductiveness during heart. B.O.N recognizes everybody not only as an organizational member though unequivocally they paint a family.

Coleman and other girl in a community, once questioned their abilities early on, as they wondered since boxing. Boxing combined a certain turn of structure in a athletes’ life. The competition itself has unequivocally grown given a early BCE days in a Romanian times with a Olympics. There are a lot of good boxers that Coleman studies and tries to qualification something of his own.

Old Man Coleman Goes for Gold

Coleman wins GoldColeman wins Gold
Courtesy of Boxing Out Negativity (Used W/ Permission)

Coleman settled during an talk with a “SportsCave” that he knows who the  Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T) in a fighting universe is. “Muhammad Ali hands down. The approach he changed in a ring for a male his distance was extraordinary to see. we unequivocally demeanour adult to him as a boxer, and as a male of my community. The fighting height towering him to new heights and he used it to not only improved his village though a world. Everything he did in and out of a ring left an impact and we wish a same thing. we wish to be means to change a universe in my possess way.”

Coleman knew he wanted to be a champion and training a ropes of some of a all-time greats unequivocally helped him comprehend his loyal potential. The golden glove welterweight multiplication is where a “Old man” knew his event had presented itself.  Coleman reached one of a biggest bouts in his immature fighting career during this point. The prolonged nights of training, a days where he didn’t eat, and a times he missed out on a fun since a loyalty to a competition meant something even more.

Coleman Versus Ryan Garcia

Coleman, a immature male from a North Lawndale community, went from reckless, unhinged warrior to a approved Golden Glove Welterweight Division Champion. He is explanation that dreams can work on a comment of how distant someone is peaceful to go to accomplish their goal.

Coleman was asked what his thoughts were on a rumored fighting compare between dual of a biggest boxers of this era right now Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Ryan Garcia. These dual boxers have determined their qualification with an undefeated record.

My choice to win that quarrel is Tank. Garcia is a tough warrior and all though with all due respect, we trust we could kick him. This hitch will change a fighting stage forever. Garcia let’s make it happen.

Maybe one day a Golden Glove Welterweight Champion will get a dream compare with Garcia, we will only have to wait and see.

Written by Semetrius Holmes


Interview:  Trumale ” Old Man” Coleman on Aug 29, 2022

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